Common Issues:

Pledge Information not yet Imported

If you are trying to download files from a Patreon Campaign, it can take up to three hours after signing up to the Campaign through Patreon for your pledge information to be imported to Comics, Games, and Things.

Incorrect email address

If you are trying to download files from a Patreon Campaign, please ensure that the email on your CG&T account is the same as the email you are using on Patreon. Check your email here. Your account does not need to be linked to Patreon, as long as the email address is the same. Linking an account to Patreon without the correct email address will not allow you to download the files.

Resubscription Event not Processing

If you have previously cancelled a Patreon pledge and have recently resubscribed, or if you have upgraded your tier in a Patreon Campaign, this information may not be sent over from Patreon to CG&T for the month in which this change occurred. If your pledge does not update within three hours of the change, please contact the artist to have your information updated manually.

Old Version of Software

Sometimes, your browser may cache an old version of the download software. Check the developer console for a message stating the version. The current version is 4.03.

Old Browser

Please ensure you are using a modern version of Firefox or Chrome. We have tested on Firefox 82 and Chrome 86, and have had issues with older versions. As per below, we recommend Chrome (or a chromium based browser) instead of Firefox as Firefox often crashes with larger downloads.

Failed to Fetch

A Failed-to-Fetch error may be caused by a browser plug-in which is preventing downloads. Try turning off browser extensions or using an incognito tab to eliminate this issue.

Mobile Browser

We have added support for mobile browsers, although mobile devices may experience issues with larger downloads, as below.

Issues downloading a larger product

Occasionally a browser may freeze when a large product is downloaded. We've had users report less issues using Chrome than Firefox. If this does not work then you can also try downloading individual subfolders, or a single product at a time.

Issue extracting "File Path Too Long"

Windows default extraction method will occasionally run into this error. We recommend using 7-Zip instead.

Permission denied to download multiple files

Some browsers may require permissions to be granted to download multiple files from the site. This may prevent you from saving the files after they've been downloaded. There is generally a site-specific permissions menu in or around the address bar in your browser.

For Chrome:

Click in the upper-right corner of the browser, then click Settings.

Scroll down to and click Show advanced settings.

Scroll down to Downloads, and clear the Ask where to save each file before downloading check box.

Attempt to download files again. This time, when prompted if you want to download multiple files, click Allow.

Files Downloading as .TXT instead of .ZIP

We have had at least one report that the Chrono Download Manager Browser Extension has caused files to be downloaded as .TXT files instead of .ZIP files. If you use this extension, please disable it and try downloading the files again.