ZSR Planetary Defense Tiles


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The ZSR nation is an old one. On many planets they have bases of operation that are massive and usually hidden until the zombie robots rise from their slumber. This tile set allows you to denote the Planetary Defense along the map edge. It has a number of variations to allow for many combinations. Included in the unsupported folder is a set of instructions and some examples. There is also a separate image that denotes which tile is which so that you do not have to open each file to see which it is. We have included blank tiles and a "Bits Bag" that should allow you to create your own tiles digitally for printing. The bases also have predrilled holes in the bottom for 3x1 magnets to hold them down to a metal sheet to prevent moving. When the supported versions are complete they will be added to this object. The bits bag will not be supported as these are not meant for standalone printing.