Vanguard Droids (Presupported)

Released on: March 1, 2022
Created by The Hive

File Size Last
Legs 3 items
Mountain 3D Presupported File Info Sheet.pdf 680.1 KB 16 Mar 2022
Torsos 3 items
Loose Items 3 items
Images 11 items
Heads V2 3 items

These Vanguard Droids are your lightweight scouts. Perfectly equipped with Carbines and Marking Lasers to quietly remove unsuspecting enemies and mark targets for the harder hitting parts of the army. Also equipped with Railrifles and an Ioncannon for taking out the occasional hard target.

Kit comes with:
10 Torsos with weapons attached
9 Leg poses
8 Heads
Various loose weapons and accessories to outfit bases or add more bulk to your Droids

All files are presupported for your convenience.