Tide Haunters - Whaler

Released on: April 1, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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Many of the Tide Haunters have eyes only for the mighty beasts that lurk in the deep. To be certain, what creature is better served to wreck havoc on the surface world then the apex predators who dominate the deep? Whalers are the individuals who make these dreams into reality. 

Historically, whalers acted as the chief hunters of Cezora IV's most fearsome beasts. To say they were mere fisherman is an understatement to say the least, as the creatures they fought could easily bite their ships in two. To survive such encounters, Whaler's had to be smart, cunning and fast to keep up with their quarry and avoid being dinner. Whalers were highly respected members of society for their bravery and skill and were highly sought after for advice from the young and the old. 

Presently, Whalers have one of the most important tasks in the entire legion; the capture and breaking of sea beasts. When it comes time to bolster the ranks of their abyssal  menagerie , entire squads of Whalers take to the sea floor and hunt for suitable creatures. For such hunts, their weapons are loaded with a massive harpoon to subdue the creatures in question. Such weaponry is unseemly on the surface however when the enemy is numerous beyond count and a few harpoons will not suffice. Instead, Whaler weapons are reconfigured to spray a corrosive ink secreted by a small species of squid. These barrels of ink are fitted onto the power pack of the Whaler and can be easily replaced on the battlefield, allowing the Whaler to hose down entire squads with deadly efficiency. 

Whether they are breaking the spirit of terrifying abyssal beasts, or breaking the lines of enemy resistance, the Whaler can and will accomplish both with ease.