Tide Haunters - Tortogal Artillery

Released on: March 1, 2020
Created by Shrew Studios

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n Viselius' quest to take revenge on the surface world he needed his legions were severely lacking in my department; heavy ordinance. That being said, his Legion had very little siege vehicles in the time before the Betrayal and their time spent at the bottom of the sea did little to change that. However, the wrecks of warships at the bottom of the ocean were extremely common, and Viselius had his sons salvage what weaponry they could from these ancient wrecks. Such ventures proved extremely successful and Viselius soon found himself with a plethora of weapons that could be used against the enemy, but no vehicles to mount them on.

One weapon in particular, the Abyss Cannon, was so large and powerful that it was impossible to mount on the light vehicles that had survived their time spent under the sea. In order to use these mighty guns in battle, Viselius needed to mount them on one of the oceans most stalwart and strongest of beasts and the Tortogal fit the mold perfectly. Large platforms were fitted onto the back of these amphibious giants and great furrows were carved into their tough shells to make room for the Abyss Cannon and other weapons. The 'fitting' is an extremely painful process, and most Tortogal's are driven mad by the pain as a result. These once gentle giants now happily use their hardened jaws and mighty tails to crush, snap and destroy the enemies while their operators launch shell after shell into the enemy ranks. 

In this kit, you have three 'poses' for the Tortogal to be in: Neutral pose, braced pose, and 'standing pose'. I included some rocks for the standing pose but I designed it with the idea to build a dynamic base to go along with it. In addition, you also have 5 head options to put on your turtle and all the weapons you could want! In addition, I created four Drowned Operators to stand on the back and keep it loaded. If you have the original Drowned kit you can certainly mix and match! Please enjoy! 

All files are presupported!