Tide Haunters - Tidecaller

Released on: Aug. 12, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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The Tidecaller cult has always been a mysterious organization within the Tide Haunter legion. In ancient times, Tidecallers used tools and devices to study the movement of the heavens and the impact these celestial bodies had on the world around them. They were scholars first and foremost. Captains from around the globe, both good and bad, sought out the wisdom of the Tidecallers when planning voyages. Ships bearing the blessing of a Tidecaller always had fruitful voyages.

When the Dread Admiral was reunited with his true father and joined in the crusade across the stars, the Tidecallers made every effort to ensure they had a place in these space fairing crews. The first generation of Tidecallers maintained their scholarly role, serving as archivists and historians aboard the vessels of the Tide Haunters. As the crusade went on, the Tidecallers found their ranks being bolstered by individuals who shared their love of academia, but were martial warriors as well. This second generation took on a more combat orientated approach, serving as supporting officers underneath a Dread Captain.

When the Tide Haunters were imprisoned beneath the waves of their homeworld for the part they played in the Betrayal, the Tidecallers found themselves cut off from everything they had ever studied. They could not see the stars they often gazed at, nor could they hear the crash of the waves upon the shore. All they could feel, was the crushing weight of the water and the subtle movements of the current.

In the millennia they spent beneath the waves, the humble, academia driven scholars had all but finished. In their place were vengeful, enraged specters that want nothing more then to crush their enemies. Their experiences beneath the sea allowed them to learn the art of water manipulation, a skill which they employ with incredible results. Whether its creating great tidal waves to sweep away enemy fortifications, walls of water to deflect munitions, or even great shards of ice that piece the toughest armor, Tidecallers are invaluable to Tide Haunter crews.