Tide Haunters - The Drowned

Released on: Jan. 1, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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The beings that make up 'The Drowned' were once normal men and women who served on the legion's warships in auxiliary roles. When the Dread Admiral Viselius made the decision to abandon his fathers Holy Offensive across the known universe and return to Cezora IV in favor of being free, his entire legion, and the human's who served with them, followed him. As a result, the mortals who toiled on the warships shared the same fate as their immortal masters. When Viselius awoke, he initially ignored the thousands upon thousands of corpses of the crewmen and saw no reason to utilize them in his war against the surface. His second in command however, Dread Captain Darkwater, found a unique parasitic creature known as the Puppetfish, which could burrow into a organism and effectively control its body.

The Drowned are no more then pale, bloated corpses controlled by a parasite that urges their twisted, broken forms forward, oblivious to all pain and wielding crude but effective melee weapons to strike down their enemies. That said, the shambling corpses are incredibly weak individually and pose virtually no threat to seasoned warriors when faced in such a manner. However, this is rarely the case. Survivor accounts from Tide Haunter raids have reported that attacks always begin with hundreds of Drowned surging forward, acting as meatshields for the Corsairs behind them. Even more terrifying however, is that in the aftermath of a battle, the Drowned have been seen dragging corpses and wounded prisoners of their enemy back into the sea, where they will likely meet the same and be used to replenish any lost ranks. The models come pre-built, meaning all the heads and arms are attached already and pre-supported as always! The only thing you have to glue to them is the oxygen tank on their backs! Models come presupported as well!