Tide Haunters - Envoy of the Deep

Released on: June 1, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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To say the Dread Admiral is mortal is foolhardy indeed. His imprisonment beneath the waves alongside his sons changed him. Rumors circulate that he made a deal with dark forces to save his legion, others that he slayed a being of immense power and took its place. Perhaps both stories are true, and yet perhaps neither of them are. All that is certain, is that the Dread Admiral's power is ethereal, otherworldly and godlike. 

Every few centuries, a Dread Captain of outstanding quality will ascend through the ranks of the legion to occupy one of the seats on the legendary Kraken Court. For some, such an achievement would be sufficient, but others crave more. Whether driven by greed or a desire to serve, some Dread Captains want a small shred of the Dread Admiral's power. And to those who prove themselves worthy, Viselius is more then happy to oblige.

These beings forsake their humanity and become something much more in service of their master. They become his warlords, his enforcers, and the envoys of his power. Their mortal frames swell with power as they mutate into great predators that haunt the abyss. Their armor breaks and falls apart, too weak to contain the power flowing through their veins. The rotting hulls of sunken ships are plucked from their resting place on the sea floor and strapped to their bodies to serve as a adequate replacement. Dragging weapons that no mortal could hope to carry into battle, the Envoys of the Deep break any and all enemies before them.