Tide Haunters - Dread Captain Kit

Released on: April 1, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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Dread Captains are fearsome individuals who have entire armies of waterlogged Corsairs, rusted machines, and abyssal terrors at their command. The path to captaincy is not an easy one, for the Dread Admiral desires none but the most fearsome and bloodthirsty warriors in the upper echelons of his command and few are able to meet such requirements. For those that due however, a future of wealth and power is all that awaits them. Dread Captains stride into battle wielding ancient and destructive pistols of an ancient design and might blades taken from the reliquaries of sunken vessels. While these weapons are certainly a sight in themselves, it is the greatcoat and flag that inspires awe in their followers. The greatcoat harkens back to the days before the Dread Admiral arose to power on Cezora IV, where rich and powerful men and women flaunted their wealth by wearing expensive coats. The coats and other apparel signified their status as mighty lords of the sea and that they were individuals not to be crossed. Viselius elected to keep the tradition alive and personally bestows a greatcoat to any Corsair who raises to the rank of Dread Captain 

The tentacled skull that serves as the Tide Haunters Emblem was once the personal symbol of Vesalius himself. As his legion was essentially his 'crew', it was only fitting that they proudly bore his Jolly Roger into battle. Dread Captains however, are permitted to carry flags into battle that bare Jolly Rogers of their own design. Dread Captain Barnabus for example, sports a Jolly Roger depicting two crossed pistols, representing the double barreled pistol he carries with him wherever he goes. To carry one's own Jolly Roger is the highest form of honor within the Tide Haunters Legion.

While the days of gold and glory are well behind them, the Dread Captains still embody Viselius' tenets and carry out his will with gusto. As powerful as the sea is old, Dread Captains urge their crews ever onward, barking orders left and right to ensure that every last landwalker is buried in a watery grave.