Tide Haunters - Doctor

Released on: April 1, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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While they do not carry the same responsibilities as the Dread Captains do, Doctors are tasked with even more important tasks; ensuring the legions survival. And for an army that has been banished to the bottom of the sea for eons, the difficulty of this task only increases tenfold. Doctors take to this charge with an unmatched ferocity and fight with every fiber of their being to save a dying corsair. They are unspeakably cruel to mortals, as evidenced by their greatcoat which has had modifications made to it and even more so by the company they keep. Their time beneath the sea has yielded a unique relationship with a very piacular form of serpent. While most predators of Cezora IV sever their prey apart with mighty jaws the Liparius prefers a different method to eat. It latches itself to its prey with rows of razer sharp teeth and drains the victims blood from its body with alarming speed. What's worse is that Doctors have seen fit to field them in swarms making them a true menace to even power armored warriors. The Doctor makes use of these beasts by sending them to harvest blood from his enemies and return it to him. The Liparius then deposit a portion of their meal into the empty tanks carried on the Doctors pack which he then reuses for various medicinal purposes.