Tide Haunters Cephaloid Assault Tank

Released on: Feb. 1, 2021
Created by Shrew Studios

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In prehistoric times, the oceans of Cezora IV were filled with vibrant, vicious, and bizarre sea creatures. One of the most notable examples of prehistoric life was the Cephaloid. Based on dug up fossils, Cezorian scholars estimated that the Cephaloid was one of the few docile creatures to swim the planet's oceans. Being that they existed millions of years ago, there are no living Cephaloids left on the planet, the only evidence of their existence being found in fossils and more commonly the shells they have left behind.  

At the bottom of the ocean, Viselius and his officers slowly began to prepare their return to the surface world. In order to maximize his warriors efficiency, he needed a armored vehicle that could relocate itself along the battlefield at a moments notice. That being said, resources at the bottom of the sea were scarce, with the exception of course,  Cephaloid shells. It fell to Quartermaster Blackmoore, the 4th seat on the Kraken Court, and the Legions master craftsman to turn the ancient shells into weapons of war. Attaching armor plates and a trio of light tank treads alongside a weapon system, the first Cephaloid Assault Tanks were originally attended to be piloted by Corsairs. However, Blackmoore observed that crustaceans had a tendency to occupy Cephaloid shells for protection. With the help of the Tidecaller Sorcerors, they were able to bend the will of the crustaceans to their will and were able to use them as weapons of war. 

Now, machine and nature have become one entity, and with crushing claws and salvos of rockets, the Cephaloids are rapid assault vehicles that can quickly reinforce a weak spot or break a particular stalwart defense. 

As with all of my kits, you have some options here with how to build your light tank. Due to popular demand, I released both a rusty and unrusted version, so make sure you download the one you want! There are also three variants you can use to create your tank. There is the standard tank configuration (left most tank) the hermit crab configuration (center tank) and the hermit tank configuration (right most tank). All the files are named accordingly. For example, the shells labeled 'hermit tank ' can only be used with the crabs marked 'hermit tank', and the same could be said for the 'hermit crab' version as well. Please enjoy the kit!