Teknops Dynasty - Scareptekh Lord

Released on: March 1, 2021
Created by DarkJeyzz

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Despite its status as an eons old civilization, the Teknops empire is not bound to tradition like many of the lesser races and fully embraces progress and evolution with regards to technology. Many scholars believe that had the Teknops not been asleep for centuries then any advancements they would have made in that time would surely have led to their domination of the entire galaxy. That being said, the arachnomancers have been working tirelessly to make up for lost time, and their newest creation, the Scaraptekh, is a juggernaut of destruction. 

On rare occasions, Teknops Archprinces can have their consciousness redownloaded into the experimental Scaraptekh Lord Chassis. This version of the Scaraptekh is much larger and is equipped with a second set of wings and an additional ranged weapon. These additional upgrades coupled with the battle experience of the Archprince makes the Scaraptekh Lord a sessioned commander and deadly foe.