Star Pharaohs Ultimate Infantry Starter Pack


File Size Last
Athanatos Lancers STL Files 34 items
The Mummified STL Files 50 items
Iteru Deadshots STL Files 27 items
Khopesh Warriors STL Files 23 items
Skorp Swarms STL Files 26 items

If ever you've wanted to start building an army of Star Pharaohs, this is the pack to get!
Khopesh Warriors: The backbone of the Star Pharaohs, they blanket the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy with numbers and persistence.
Skorp Swarms: As adorable as they are deadly, these helpful mining drones skitter across the battlefield with enormously powerful pincers and antimatter blasters on their tails.
Athanatos Lancers: The fists of the Star Pharaohs, they hold in two hands weapons more powerful than those which other races deploy as artillery.
The Mummified: Insane cloth-wrapped savages who are far too valued for their ferocity for command to ask them to complete the repairs they were too impatient to finish.
Iteru Deadshots: Secretive and stealthy snipers who frequently deploy behind enemy lines to assassinate key leaders with alarming synchronicity.

The infantry pack has an incredible 322 files including supported files for ALL troops and their weapons! Mix and match across units for incredible combinations. Build your army for 28mm scifi wargaming TODAY!