Sons of Spartania - Mounted Polemarch

Released on: March 1, 2021
Created by DMG Minis

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The most esteemed Polemarchs that serve His Highness King Leonidatus and granted access to the Cyber Stallion manufactories. Each Polemarch is assisted by humble engineers in creating the ideal mechanical companion that will bear him into battle.  As a result, no two cyber stallions are alike and their differing personalities reflect this. 

With the machine constructed and powered, the Polemarch engages in one of the Sons of Spartania's most sacred rituals. Despite the Polemarch being its creator and master, the Stallion still must be broken in. In this dance between man and machine one of two events will occur:  the stallion will submit to its masters control and become the ideal warmount, or the Stallion will rebuke the warrior's efforts. Polemarchs are permitted three attempts to control their creation; should they fail after the final attempt the Cyber Stallion's machine soul is deemed 'too volatile' to serve in active combat and their components are melted down to be used in the creation of future mounts. For the Polemarch however, failure to break in the mechanical beast will result in a stain on their honor, and many do not reattempt the ritual for several centuries until they consider themselves strong enough to try again. 

For those that do succeed, they gain a companion for life that will bear them headlong into the endless battles that the pair will face. 

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