Sons of Spartania - Battle Mage


Released on: June 30, 2021

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Trained in the martial arts as any Spartanian warrior would be, the Battle Mage takes this prowess to the next level with a mastery of the mystic arts. Battle Mages are able to use this power to weave mighty spells to strike down their enemies. But with this great power comes an extreme risk. Such powers were never meant to be wielded by mortal men, and even the superhuman Spartanians have a difficult time keeping these powers controlled and losing concentration for even a second can lead to disaster. To combat that, Spartanian Artisans have crafted tools and equipment to help Battle Mages contain this power and direct it at the enemy properly.

Fighting a Battle Mage is not only a physical matter but a psychic matter as well. While weaving spells are one of the most notable traits of a Battle Mage, their most employed tactic is invading the minds of their opponents to achieve a variety of effects. Mind control, bouts of madness, and pain are all afflictions that a Battle Mage can inflict on their opponents in battle. Whether their enemies are skewered by spear and sword or blasted apart by raw psychic power, Battle Mages are not to be trifled with!

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