Red Oak Crates, Fences, and Barrels (2022)

0 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

Some of the more well-to-do citizens of Red Oak decided to have fences built around their properties and yards, thinking that it might protect them from the more unsavoury elements that pass through. They were mistaken. At least it stops the drunks from urinating in their backdoors.

The businesses of Red Oak have formed a habit of ordering around ten percent more than they need. This has become a kind of insurance against damage. The inevitable outbreaks of gunfire lead to both sides using whatever is close by as cover, often the recently unloaded wares of a delivery. Sometimes, folks have been known to order empty crates and barrels only to leave them out in the street to protect the more valuable goods. Just in case.


  • 2x 5 Inch Gated Fences
  • 5x 5 Inch Fences
  • 3x Barrels
  • 2x Large Lockboxes
  • 2x Medium Crates
  • 2x Small Crates