Red Oak Bridge Set (2022)

0 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

The bridge in the town of Red Oak is the only one for miles both up and downstream and could be considered a strategic point for anyone with military learning. In fact, given how many have been killed trying to cross it, whether entering or leaving town, the bridge might deserve a place in the history books. At least it would if anyone thought to write a history of Red Oak. Bandits on the run, Lawmen in pursuit, soldiers on both sides of the Ore War; you name them, they’ve had a deadly shootout over this particular river crossing. Red Oak locals are known for patting the steel girder construction as they pass over it to placate any bad mojo that might haunt the place where so much blood has been spilled into the river.


  • 2x Bridges (Compatible with the Red Oak Saloon & Cat House)
  • 1x Pair of steps
  • 3x Crates
  • 3x Cranes