Infinity: Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune with Monofilament CCW

Released on: June 26, 2022
Barcode: 8437016958605
Published by Corvus Belli
1 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

The name Shinobu Kitsune does not appear in any archive or database. It's a false name, an alias, a mere identification code. Shinobu Kitsune is not a real person, they do not exist. They are a ninja. But not simply a stealthy assassin, martial arts expert, but rather an Oniwaban. A spy master that carries out the most dangerous field missions, or the ones that require the most responsibility.


  • 1x Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune (Monofilament CCW) Miniature