Fabricarii Scouts

Released on: June 30, 2022
Created by Star Pharaoh Foundry

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In a previous life, the Fabricarii were known as The Makers, masters of the material and exquisite artisans, crafters, and musicians. But at the height of their powers, they left the galaxy without a trace for thousands of years.

Just as suddenly as they had disappeared, they returned with a vengeance. Decked in awe-inspiring baroque patterns and sporting highly advanced flintlock radiation weapons, they are on a mission to reestablish themselves as the mechanical masters of the galaxy. 

It speaks volumes of their expertise that a menial race of mining androids they left behind have since established a galaxy-spanning empire in their absence. Though this does not bother them in the slightest - after all, like all aristocrats, the Fabricarii enjoy a good hunt.