Embers of Power: Commercial License

This Pledge grants you a commercial license to print and sell our models until the 1st of June 2024. You may not produce or sell figures made from molds based on these files. You may not alter or modify the files in any way. You must clearly list the models as being from the official Proserpine Shrineguard line, display the Crucible of Games logo and inform users that original files may be purchased from our stores.

You cannot use our miniatures or designs in any type of project (such as crowdfunding projects, board games, movies etc).

If you want to get an extended license (5 years or perpetual), please contact us for direct instructions, and we'll arrange everything.

After purchasing this set, please reach out to us on our Discord - we'd be happy to get to know you:)

This pack will be available in our store only until the end of May 23rd.