Edgy Space Elf Cruiser Builder


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The Edgy Elves get an upgrade this month. The Cruiser will allow the Edgy ones to collect more priso.... guests to have at their delightfully exotic parties. More heavily armored and armed to the teeth, these cruisers will allow the elves to protect their partying interests all over the galaxy. The builder comes with a multi part hull (for future enhancements), 15 Prows, 3 variants for each of the hardpoints (Upper Wing, Lower Wing, Bottom Wing, and Side Pods) and 2 Keel Weapons (Launch and Torpedo). The Prows with armaments are not compatible with the keel weapons. If you use one of these options you will need to select a basic prow. The Side Pod and Lower Wing variants all come pre-mirrored. As this is a much bulkier ship there will not be any preassembled versions provided.

Supports are in progress by Mountain 3D Supports and will be included once complete.