Drowned Earth: Forek Mounted, Militia Leader

Released on: Jan. 1, 2021
Barcode: INT-DRO-009
Published by Olmec Games
2 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

Forek just isn't the kind of guy to run around on someone elses legs, or to trust his safety to a belligerent animal! He likes to trust his own reflexes and skill, and needs a suitable conveyance which will fulfil these foibles.

It took Kraytssk three months of solid work to cobble together Forek's load-lifter from an ancient chassis he found in a cave at the fork of the Red River. It took another four months to hone the vehicle to Forek's exact specifications!


  • 1x Makko: Firm Tough
  • 1x 50mm Base