Destroyer of Planetary Bodies


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When there is a planet in the way of your battle, or you need to clear space for the new intergalactic highway, you need a vessel capable of carrying out the simple task of destroying a planetary body. That is where the Destroyer of Planetary Bodies comes in. Boom! No more planet in the way. Boom! Pesky planetary revolution put down. Boom! No more goody two shoes intergalactic boy scouts. Whatever your reason for destroying a planet, this ship is for you. The Destroyer (for short) is a massive ship. It is just about 12 inches (30 ish cm) long from tail to tip. It is beautifully detailed and worthy of hanging on the mantle. And for those of you that wish for a more compact version of this planet punter, there is a 50% scales version that is about the size of an Anarchist Battleship. The Destroyer is cut for easy printing on everything except a Sonic Mini 4K or similar Z restricted printer. The smaller version will fit just fine however. The supported files are being done by Mountain 3D Supports and will be uploaded to the object when complete.