Blink Weavers

Released on: Nov. 1, 2020
Created by Crucible of Games

File Size Last
Blink 108.7 MB 12 Mar 2022
Blink 230.0 MB 12 Mar 2022

A part of the November pack for our

Modular feral space elves that had been symbiotically merged with a spider to warp around in a matter of seconds and destroy foes with his heavy spinner carbine.

The Blink Weavers are the first instalment of our new line of Eggresites - Feral Space Elves, that are using biotechnology and...ahem...magick to survive in the grim darkness of the warlike future.

Models are fully pre-supported and test-printed on Photon S using Ameralabs Grey resin. The full kit includes 5 poses 25 pieces of bits and source Chitubox files. The arms, hands, heads and 'backpack spiders' are fully interchangeable. Also, some unmerged files are included in the kit to provide additional customization.

Copyright infringement is not intended. Parts are created freehand in 3d modelling software, no copyrighted product had been scanned or copied in any way. These models are for personal use as proxies.