Autonomous Sniper Ball and Moa Operator

Released on: July 1, 2022
Created by LeesedRenfort

File Size Last
Sniper Ball 7.0 MB 27 Jun 2022
Sniper Ball 5.2 MB 27 Jun 2022
Moa Targeter.stl 3.0 MB 10 Jul 2022
Ze'on Moa supported.stl 4.2 MB 10 Jul 2022
Ze'on Moa.lys 1.2 MB 10 Jul 2022
Ze'on Moa Operator.lys 16.3 MB 10 Jul 2022
Ze'on Moa Operator supported.stl 46.0 MB 10 Jul 2022
Ze'on Moa Operator.stl 44.8 MB 10 Jul 2022
Sniper Ball Lychee 2.4 MB 25 Jul 2022

The new Sniper Ball to joins the growing arsenal of Autonomous Ball Drones. This kit comes with all parts necessary to make the part shown with posable arms and turret, as well as the Ze'on Sept Moa Operator to help it find its targets.

All parts are presupported and include Lychee files.

Models are scaled for 28mm gaming. They have been scaled to my preferences and re-scaling may be required to fit your particular needs.

Private Use Only Non Commercial No Derivatives NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially!