Artisanal Globe Elves Wight Class Cruiser


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Shortly after the crafty escorts of the Artisanal Elves entered the sector, they recognized the need for more firepower in there quest for domination of all planets that were idyllic and peaceful. They called in the Wight Class. With more sails per square inch and a lot more firepower, the crafty pointy eared explorers could handle larger fleets of enemy humans and greenskins. This kit has 3 hull variants for differing sail configurations, 12 prows (6 each of 2 patterns) and 6 sails. The bottom sails also work in the side sail positions for hulls with those mounting points. Supported files are being hand crafted by our friends at Mountain 3D supports and will be uploaded when complete.

Update May 21 2022-- I totally forgot prows for those Ghostly ships that soar through the stars with little or no "living" crew. Those pesky elves can even man ships with the spirits of dead sailors. There is no a folder with Ghostly Variants. The dead have no need for torpedoes or launch bays, so these variants get some extra weapons batteries on the keel. There are 6 more prows in the Wight Cruiser Ghostly Prows folder. Enjoy.