Artisanal Elves Null Basilisk Grand Cruiser


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When it comes to the Artisanal Elves, sometimes the artistry gets out of hand. Not only do the most popular crafters needs a more powerful ship, they also need it to stand out. When the big time all star crafting leaders head to out to do combat with those without artistic talent, they arrive in the Null Basilisk. This kit contains 4 hulls for various sail configurations (Up to 6 sails can be mounted on the Null Basilisk), 12 Prows (6 variations of the two styles), 2 Top sails and 1 outrigger sail style. Included in the kit are the cruiser side and bottom sails to add to this magnificent crafting station. The regular Basilisk battlecruiser prows will fit on these hulls to give more variety to the Basilisk class, but the Null Basilisk prows do not fit on the regular Basilisk. The top sails from the Wight Class and the regular Basilisk should be compatible with the Null Basilisk. Supported files are being crafted by Mountain 3D supports and will be added to the download when they are complete.