AJ Battleship


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Anarchist Battleship 22 items
Anarchist Battleship Supported.zip 74.1 MB 02 Dec 2021
Battleship Lance Turret.zip 3.1 MB 02 Dec 2021
SFS License.txt 1.1 KB 01 Dec 2021

When those anarchistic jarheads deploy for battle, they prefer to enter the fray with one of these deliciously destructive weapons of mass destruction. The battleship is just an imposing monster. No one wishes to tangle with these beasts. This kit comes with multiple versions of everything except the weapon bays for your mix and match pleasure. The hulls come in 2 varieties for pre and post civil war depictions as well as multiple prows with and without the star badge of 8 points. The supported version is done by Mountain 3D Supports. Supported files uploaded 12/2/2021

Lance Turret was missing from the files. It has its own zip now.