40mm VMT Townhouse


File Size Last
vasemode_08-012.zip 529 bytes 07 Jan 2022
VMT Step 1.gcode 44.4 KB 07 Jan 2022
VM Building A second floor.gcode 8.8 MB 07 Jan 2022
VMT AC unit.gcode 643.4 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Roof Edge.gcode 62.8 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Ladder.gcode 123.2 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT SKYLIGHT.gcode 506.3 KB 07 Jan 2022
VM Building A second floor.stl 114.4 MB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Step 1.stl 95.0 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT SKYLIGHT.stl 88.1 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Roof Edge.stl 163.0 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Ladder.stl 131.9 KB 07 Jan 2022
VMT AC unit.stl 3.7 MB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Fire exscape 1.stl 10.5 MB 07 Jan 2022
vasemode_08-012.curaprofile 967 bytes 07 Jan 2022
VM Building A.gcode 9.8 MB 07 Jan 2022
VM Building A.stl 167.1 MB 07 Jan 2022
VMT Fire exscape 1.gcode 2.5 MB 07 Jan 2022

Great for adding terrain quickly without using many resources, and perfect for setting up tourney tables on a budget. The parts in this kit can be printed in less than 11 hours total print time and only 181 grams of filament.

Check our my other VMT models like the townhouse in the picture, on my patreon or my stores https://linktr.ee/leesedrenfort or https://www.patreon.com/LeesedRenfort

This model is to be printed in vase mode / spiralize contour mode with the orientation as the models are provided.
This model has been test printed with a 1.0 mm nozzle and a layer height of 0.12 mm or less.
Make sure to check your printing preview in cura after slicing, sometimes cura skips a layer or two when slicing in vase mode. If this happens just rotate the model a few degrees around the z-axis and slice again until its fine.
cura profile for an ender3 is also included in the download.
This models should print without supports flat on the build-plate with an FDM printer with a 1.0 nozzle in spiralize mode.
Models are scaled for 40mm gaming or also known as O gauge / 1:48 scale. They have been scaled to my preferences and re-scaling may be required to fit your particular needs.
Private Use Only Non Commercial No Derivatives NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially!