• MSRP $10.00

    Released on Sept. 1, 2021


  • While the Overpharaohs may be some of the finest galactic calculating minds in the galaxy, that doesn't mean they are convergent in those calculations. Take the Triskelion Overpharaoh for example. Most Overpharaohs are tasked with maximizing victory for the Star Pharaohs across the galaxy, but the Triskelion Overpharaoh has come to the conclusion that if there is going to be victory for the Star Pharaohs in the long run, it does not lie in alliance with the divine crystalline Hexan. Finding the Annihilator philosophy of heavy body modification and extreme distrust of the Hexan attractive, the Triskelion Overpharaoh has stepped up to the plate to lead the Annihilator caste of the Star Pharaohs in their radically divergent way of life.

    Released on Aug. 30, 2021


  • Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for meeeee. This is a set of 5, large and nasty looking Orc Pirates! Complete with 5 nasty guns (four of which are too big to even hold!) and two ammo goblins, perfect for your tabletop madness.

    Released on Aug. 28, 2021


  • These fast striking ladies burst from the waves to hit fast and hard. The Openers hit first from range, removing the guards from the enemy vessels, while the Closers blast over the remaining defenses, securing vital intelligence and eliminating any remaining hostiles.

    All files are presupported.

    • 2 sets of 5 leg poses
    • New Torso
    • 7 Heads (3 bare and 4 helmeted)
    • 6 Weapon Options
    • 2 Jumppack Options
    • Flight Stand

    Released on Aug. 27, 2021




    Released on Aug. 26, 2021


  • The Corsairs are worshippers of the infamous Black Kraken. Their homeworld covered entirely by a vicious and rough sea, these nautical fanatics make their place below the waves. 

    Not to be deterred by their wet dwelling, they have found a special secretion from the Black Kraken that, when introduced to the fuel for their Conflagrators and Magna weapons, allows the weapons to fire under the seas of their homeworld just as intensely as if they were terrestrial.

    These files include 10 leg poses, and various arm/weapon poses to mix and match to add variety to your squads. They are also presupported to help you get them to your ranks quickly.

    Released on Aug. 21, 2021


  • Sometimes the Overpharaoh needs to simply point at a distant threat and know that it is as good as dead. Enter the Sherden Pharaohspears, the flying shock troops of the Star Pharaohs. Flying on crystaline lattices of Hexphase energy, they can drop from the sky straight on top of the enemy without them knowing that there was even a threat in the vicinity.

    Though most Star Pharaohs bear the death masks of the Makers so as never to forget the faces of their hated creators who abandoned them to the perils of space, the Sherden Pharaohspears bear the distinct honor of wearing the mask of the WarDrake, one of the six divine crystalline Hexan. The WarDrake's fierce battle energy resonates with the Pharaohspears, and with every long range assault, they bring a portion of the Hexan's wrath with them.

    Released on Aug. 19, 2021


  • The Tidecaller cult has always been a mysterious organization within the Tide Haunter legion. In ancient times, Tidecallers used tools and devices to study the movement of the heavens and the impact these celestial bodies had on the world around them. They were scholars first and foremost. Captains from around the globe, both good and bad, sought out the wisdom of the Tidecallers when planning voyages. Ships bearing the blessing of a Tidecaller always had fruitful voyages.

    When the Dread Admiral was reunited with his true father and joined in the crusade across the stars, the Tidecallers made every effort to ensure they had a place in these space fairing crews. The first generation of Tidecallers maintained their scholarly role, serving as archivists and historians aboard the vessels of the Tide Haunters. As the crusade went on, the Tidecallers found their ranks being bolstered by individuals who shared their love of academia, but were martial warriors as well. This second generation took on a more combat orientated approach, serving as supporting officers underneath a Dread Captain.

    When the Tide Haunters were imprisoned beneath the waves of their homeworld for the part they played in the Betrayal, the Tidecallers found themselves cut off from everything they had ever studied. They could not see the stars they often gazed at, nor could they hear the crash of the waves upon the shore. All they could feel, was the crushing weight of the water and the subtle movements of the current.

    In the millennia they spent beneath the waves, the humble, academia driven scholars had all but finished. In their place were vengeful, enraged specters that want nothing more then to crush their enemies. Their experiences beneath the sea allowed them to learn the art of water manipulation, a skill which they employ with incredible results. Whether its creating great tidal waves to sweep away enemy fortifications, walls of water to deflect munitions, or even great shards of ice that piece the toughest armor, Tidecallers are invaluable to Tide Haunter crews.

    Released on Aug. 12, 2021


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    Released on Aug. 6, 2021


  • Released on Aug. 2, 2021


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    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • This kit contains all the parts necessary to make a complete 2pi Mercenary Mecha Ox for your SciFi table top games.

    Set comes with parts to make the mecha with rider on the mech or off the mech and relaxing.

    All parts are pre-supported and include Lychee files.

    Models are scaled for 28mm gaming. They have been scaled to my preferences and re-scaling may be required to fit your particular needs.

    Private Use Only Non Commercial No Derivatives NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially!

    MSRP $10.00

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • The Anarchist Jarheads are really into that classical style of ship. They absolutely adore sharp angles and pointy bits. This kit has several options for making AJ light cruisers in a variety of configurations.

    MSRP $7.50

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • The Cloak and Scimitar class cruisers are the mainstays of the Zombie Space Robot fleet. The parts are interchangeable between the two vessels. UPDATE: October 13, 2021. The hulls and prows of the Cloak and Scimitar have been scaled down to more appropriately be cruiser sized. The wings and pyramids are the same scale and retain the compatibility with the other kits. These files are marked with a V2. Supported files will be added when complete.

    MSRP $9.50

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Multipart model, as pictured, presupported for resin

    MSRP $4.00

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • MSRP $15.00

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • In the short lineup of Glory Class vessels, there is one that stands out with its capacity for violence and it ability to deliver killing blows to many vessels simultaneously. That vessel is the Plaadsulvbåd, glorious flagship of the howling norse warriors in space. The number of boarding torpedoes and thunderbird troop ships this vessel can deliver after a pounding from the many gun batteries is staggering. Most vessels don't even know the warriors are on board until their ship begins to break up. This Glory Class vessel also has weapon bays that are compatible with the Jarhead Combatbarge.

    MSRP $20.00

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


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