• When the zombie apocalypse happened, it came quickly. Even the police and military were overwhelmed before they knew what was happening. That means that there’s a lot of… stuff just scattered everywhere, most of it is still pretty useful. That’s good, because we’re going to need everything we can find if we want to survive.

    The Field Guide for Zombicide: Chronicles gives players a whole host of new gear for their games. From mundane to military-grade, this 60-page book has stats for a little bit of everything. There’s even some heavy weaponry, along with the rules for how to use it. Also included are rules for new vehicles and special skills for law enforcement and paramilitary Survivors.


    MSRP $19.99

    Released on Jan. 21, 2022


  • Much of the world’s population quickly succumbed to the zombie plague. The vast majority of humanity was turned into slathering, murderous monsters. But many survived and they keep on surviving. New survivors are being found every day, each with their own unique skills that they bring to the fight against the undead horde.

    The Chronicles Survivors Set for Zombicide 2nd Edition gives players the choice of 12 new survivors, complete with miniature and survivor ID card, that they can use in their games of Zombicide 2nd Edition. These figures come from the Zombicide: Chronicles RPG and represent characters from that game. So, players that want figures for the characters from the RPG will also get a chance to visualize these survivors in new ways.


    MSRP $29.99

    Released on Jan. 21, 2022


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