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    Released on Oct. 22, 2021


  • The Annihilator separatist caste of the Star Pharaohs have many radical ideas about their place in the Galaxy, including that they should be living away from the rest of their Hexan-worshiping kin on a separate part of the Miles. While Star Pharaohs at large seem to tolerate their existence- especially since the Annihilators assist in combat whenever the Miles face an external threat- some of the more practical Hexan skeptics of the Star Pharaohs have noted that if they were to form their own separatist colony in the Miles, it would do the Annihilators no good if they could not defend themselves should the rest of the Pharaohs change their mind and decide to annex their former kin. In secret, the Annihilators trained up the first Gigaskorp Annihilators, a beautiful and terrifying synthesis of heavily-plated Skorps and devastating weaponry taken directly from mobile weapons platforms and combat starships. With the Gigaskorps on their side, the Annihilators can rest easier in their difficult and self-imposed exile, confident that if the Hexan ever came for their splinter group, they would pay dearly for their transgression.

    Released on Oct. 9, 2021


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  • Cyberzerkers Heavy Infantry squad

    Released on Oct. 1, 2021


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  • Released on Oct. 1, 2021


  • presupported for resin, scales to 28mm heroic. as seen in images

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    Released on Oct. 1, 2021


  • tank commanders, presupported for resin printing, for use with your favourite wargames

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    Released on Oct. 1, 2021


  • Set of 5 Hooded Heads to go with your Corsairs of the Black Kraken!

    All files come presupported!

    Released on Sept. 27, 2021



    Released on Sept. 25, 2021


  • It is no secret that the Star Pharaohs have made a bold claim in the galaxy: that all Hexcite in existence belongs to them and them alone, and the opinions the hated alien may have of their temporary Hexcite stewardship is about as valuable as the alien's own lives, that is, not at all.

    In order to make good on this claim, the Star Pharaohs have to secure territory, supply lines, and transport coherence as they extract the precious Hexcite from various parts of the galaxy and funnel it all back to the Miles. A key component in this vast trans-galactic network of exploitation is the Khopesh Kruiser, the fearsome flying machine that moves through punishing atmospheres and excessive gravity with the same ease it moves through the vacuum of space. In a pinch it can be fitted with a portal for warping troops directly from the Miles, in case the Hexcite supply lines need some ground-based security.

    The Khopesh Kruiser is completely symmetrical - you can mirror the parts labeled "Right" or "Left" in your slicer to eliminate the need for excessive support. It requires 6 wing claws, which are each identical.

    Released on Sept. 22, 2021


  • These Orcs love nothing more than to find the biggest vehicles they can and blow them to bits with their rocket launchers.

    The kit includes 6 different posed boys, as well as a Orc Tank Hunter Boss to lead the squad and 2 different Rokkit Squig poses.

    All files come pre-supported and have been test printed by me. As with all presupports your results may vary

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    Released on Sept. 8, 2021

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  • The Anarchist Jarheads are a rowdy bunch. With this modular Cruiser Kit you can assemble your ships in a number of different ways. Whether its a vessel for Admiral Acher, or a beat stick for murder and devastation, this kit has what you need. There is also a clean rear section so that you may customize your vessel and show who your team is playing for! Supported version will be added when it is complete.

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    Released on Sept. 1, 2021


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    Released on Sept. 1, 2021


  • This fearsome captain leads her fellow Corsairs into battle, directing them in the destruction of their enemies.

    All files are presupported.

    Released on Sept. 1, 2021


  • Released on Sept. 1, 2021


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