• While the Overpharaohs may be some of the finest galactic calculating minds in the galaxy, that doesn't mean they are convergent in those calculations. Take the Triskelion Overpharaoh for example. Most Overpharaohs are tasked with maximizing victory for the Star Pharaohs across the galaxy, but the Triskelion Overpharaoh has come to the conclusion that if there is going to be victory for the Star Pharaohs in the long run, it does not lie in alliance with the divine crystalline Hexan. Finding the Annihilator philosophy of heavy body modification and extreme distrust of the Hexan attractive, the Triskelion Overpharaoh has stepped up to the plate to lead the Annihilator caste of the Star Pharaohs in their radically divergent way of life.

    Released on Aug. 30, 2021


  • Sometimes the Overpharaoh needs to simply point at a distant threat and know that it is as good as dead. Enter the Sherden Pharaohspears, the flying shock troops of the Star Pharaohs. Flying on crystaline lattices of Hexphase energy, they can drop from the sky straight on top of the enemy without them knowing that there was even a threat in the vicinity.

    Though most Star Pharaohs bear the death masks of the Makers so as never to forget the faces of their hated creators who abandoned them to the perils of space, the Sherden Pharaohspears bear the distinct honor of wearing the mask of the WarDrake, one of the six divine crystalline Hexan. The WarDrake's fierce battle energy resonates with the Pharaohspears, and with every long range assault, they bring a portion of the Hexan's wrath with them.

    Released on Aug. 19, 2021


  • The one that would become the first Cyber Priest was in fact an Athanatos Lancer scout escorted by a single Skorp. Spotted by an alien army with more firepower than sense, they were met by a rain of gunfire that would have been far more suitable for taking out a batallion of tanks than two small scouts. Reduced to splinters, the two scouts were considered lost by the Overpharaoh. But in their splintered state, the two broken individuals were in a prime condition to be psychically visited by none other than the Gestalt Hexan. The Gestalt are in fact another aspect of the Hexan which comprise of the crystalline remains too small to join the six other realized Hexan, and have been drifting throughout the cosmos since the war that destroyed them when the galaxy was young.

    The Gestalt Hexan resurrected the two scouts as the very first Cyber Priest. Much like the Gestalt Hexan itself, the two creatures form something much greater than the sum of their parts. Now the Cyber Priest surfs along waves of information, reading pulses of data and catching beats of bits. We are all just data nodes on a network, man, and if you wanna be truly free, you just gotta know how to work it.

    Released on July 30, 2021


  • Once a lowly Medjay Pharaohguard, the Star Pharaoh that would become the first Mad Priest fell in battle to particularly devastating alien blade to legs. While recovering in the Resurrection Sargophagus, he found himself visited by none other than the Dreamwalker himself, the very deity after which the Pharaohguards model their Jackal-snouted death masks. In a dreamlike state, the Dreamwalker bestowed the Pharaohguard the "gift" of incurable, hounding madness as well as the ability, importantly, to conjur the items of his torment into reality via a pair of optosynthesis tentacles. Before he even completed the Resurrection ritual, the new Mad Priest of the Dreamwalker leapt straight into battle, still bearing his nanite mummy wraps and his Regenerator still in tow. Though the Mad Priest may serve the Dreamwalker, he still aids the Star Pharaohs in battle in the hopes that his own torment may be lessened by spreading it to others.

    Released on July 24, 2021


  • The Star Pharaoh hierarchy is a complicated and esoteric field of study, and not even the Overpharaohs can keep track of the various splinters, schisms, and changing loyalties on a daily basis. But there is no confusion about the ecclesiastical class: The Star Pharaoh priests do not have loyalties to the Star Pharaohs. They serve the Hexan.

    The Ourobouros Priest was once a brave Iteru Deadshot who had so effectively wielded his Neural Dismantler that he nearly secured his objective all by himself against an entire standing alien army. However, even his overwhelming skill could not overcome the sheer number of alien hoards, and an opposing sniper managed to get a clear shot on him just as he had expended his last crystal shell. But just before the enemy bullet reduced him to splinters and wires, he found himself removed completely from the time stream, face to face with one of the six divine Hexan of the Star Pharaohs, the Messenger himself. Wordlessly, The Messenger handed him four mystical artifacts of the Ourobouros and made a gesture commanding complete obedience and devotion. The new Ourobouros Priest, with the aid of his new artifacts, found that the flow of time was no longer an inescapable doom of entropy and death, but an obedient plaything as suggestible and pliable as a loyal pet. Though most of his duties are devoted to honoring the Messenger, he occasionally deigns to return to the battlefield to aid the Star Pharaohs with his anti-entropic powers and making the occasional poignant observation such as "Time is just, like, your opinion, man."

    Released on July 15, 2021


  • If ever you've wanted to start building an army of Star Pharaohs, this is the pack to get!
    Khopesh Warriors: The backbone of the Star Pharaohs, they blanket the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy with numbers and persistence.
    Skorp Swarms: As adorable as they are deadly, these helpful mining drones skitter across the battlefield with enormously powerful pincers and antimatter blasters on their tails.
    Athanatos Lancers: The fists of the Star Pharaohs, they hold in two hands weapons more powerful than those which other races deploy as artillery.
    The Mummified: Insane cloth-wrapped savages who are far too valued for their ferocity for command to ask them to complete the repairs they were too impatient to finish.
    Iteru Deadshots: Secretive and stealthy snipers who frequently deploy behind enemy lines to assassinate key leaders with alarming synchronicity.

    The infantry pack has an incredible 322 files including supported files for ALL troops and their weapons! Mix and match across units for incredible combinations. Build your army for 28mm scifi wargaming TODAY!

    Released on July 3, 2021


  • Most of the Star Pharaohs are content with their adopted crystalline divines, the Hexan. They participate in their rituals with enthusiasm, say their incantations with true conviction, and even offer the appropriate sacrifices uncomplainingly. However, there are those few members of the Star Pharaohs who do not trust the Hexan, and who openly defy and mock their directives. The Annihilator caste of Star Pharaohs believe heavily in bodily modification and mind reprogramming in order to separate themselves from their Star Pharaoh brethren as much as possible. That way, if the Hexan ever decide to turn on their metallic worshipers via mass mind control, they would find themselves up against a heavily armed, heavily modified contingent of Star Pharaohs who took great pains not only to to make it difficult to be used for the Hexan's will, but utterly impossible.

    The Skorp Annihilators are a unique alliance between both Star Pharaohs and Skorps- the mining droids of Star Pharaoh creation responsible of the bulk of mining and logistics operations in the Miles of Prosperity. The Skorp Annihilators form a chimera of the two beings who are united in their mistrust of the Hexan. Their eight robotic legs skitter so quickly and leap so easily across the surface of planets that it almost appears as if they can fly.

    Released on June 30, 2021


  • Not all Star Pharaohs are on board with the Hexan's purported plans to free their subjects from programmatic captivity. The Annihilators are a caste of Star Pharaohs who are openly suspicious of the motives of their divine crystalline rulers, and express their frustration with their state of affairs by modifying their bodies for maximum annihilation of alien life rather than for practical applications - so they cannot be used in any of the Hexan's plans. Skittering across the battlefield on three legs, the ferocious Triskelion Annihilators express their loathing for their doomed, ever-captive programming routines via giant swings of terrible and deadly Hexphase blades into the hated alien enemy.

    Surprisingly, this state of affairs is fine by the ruling classes of the Star Pharaohs, as even a mad dog can be a friend when directed at one's enemies.

    Released on June 15, 2021


  • MSRP $3.99

    Released on May 28, 2021


  • During a routine infiltration by a unit of Iteru Deadshots, the hateful aliens sniffed out the secretive snipers before they could execute their plans and ambushed them in the night. The unit of Deadshots retreated and barricaded themselves in a nearby robotics lab, desperate to form a plan. In the dwindling moments of their impending doom, the last three surviving snipers combined their bodies, minds, and weapons to form the first Deadshot Hexannhilator. With three legs, six guns, and the rage of the entire Miles, the Deadshot Hexannhilator laid waste to the aliens as they burst through the barricades.

    Supported files included.

    Released on April 28, 2021


  • On the rare occasion when the Overpharaoh must join the fray and assist the Star Pharaohs in person rather than committing his magnificent calculative mind to the logistics of war, there are no troops better equipped to secure his person than the Medjay Pharaohguards.

    Typically, most Star Pharaohs can be found wearing the death masks of the Makers, so as never to forget the faces of their hated creators. However, the Medjay Pharaohguards play such an important role that they bear the distinct honor of wearing the mask of the Dreamwalker, one of the six crystalline divines of the Star Pharaohs. Just as the Dreamwalker strides the line between dreams and reality, the Medjay Pharaohguards stand rigidly at the border between life and death for the all-important Overpharaoh. Fiercely bearing Hexphase Khopeshes, Repulsor Shields, and Hexphase Warscythes, the Medjay Pharaohguards will make any thinking of charging the Overpharaoh think twice, or never think again.

    Medjay Pharaohguards have a huge combination of poses with 10 sets of legs, 5 poses for the 2 types of loadouts, and 2 types of heads. Makes a great HQ guard proxy for 28mm scifi wargaming.

    Released on Feb. 22, 2021


  • Every battle requires a leader to direct his troops to victory, and at the top of the Star Pharaohs' chain of command strides the mighty Overpharaoh. Armed with a Continuum Crossbow and a Hexan Warglaive, the Overpharaoh directs the crushing of his enemies with a steely gaze and a magnificently popped collar.
    The Overpharaoh prints in 4-5 parts. Supported files included!

    Released on Jan. 21, 2021


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