• The Trained Bands are the most common troops in the Shire Army. Many so-called Braves that are drafted to the Bands are not full-time soldiers, although they are better trained than some militias found elsewhere. They typically have padded leather armour and wooden shields or bucklers, and carry a variety of weapons.

    Some Trained Bands are organised and equipped as light cavalry riding highly trained miniature aralez. Their primary mission is scouting and skirmishing, but on the battlefield they will harass the enemy with ranged fire and protect the army’s flanks, charging into melee if absolutely necessary.


    MSRP $50.00

    Released on Oct. 27, 2021


  • Perhaps the most daring troops in a halfling army are the Ej Grenadiers. Using their mechanical-wings, these hot-blooded individuals swoop over the battlefield like huge birds of prey, raining down destruction with their firebombs before dropping into the midst of the chaos they have created to wreak more destruction.


    MSRP $35.00

    Released on Oct. 27, 2021


  • Kings of War 3rd Edition: Abyssal: Dwarf Mega Army (2020)

    When the hordes of Tragar march forth, the world trembles before them. The ground shudders under the march of thousands of slaves, mutants and soldiers, the air shivers with the sounds of arcane weaponry and dark sorcery, and the screams of their victims echo into the smoke filled air as they are dragged away to servitude and torture.


    • 40 hard plastic blacksouls
    • 3 pvc golems
    • 1 metal ironcaster
    • 1 metal slave driver
    • 3 resin groteques
    • 21 hard plastic slave orcs
    • Bases


    MSRP $149.99

    Released on July 17, 2020


  • The Nightstalkers have come. Having slithered past the Northern Alliances defenses, an army now marches towards the fortress city of Chill with a terrible, insatiable hunger. The desperate patrols of the Northern Alliance must hold them back at all costs, or risk losing their homelands and the secret at the heart of the city that they have sworn to protect.

    Kings of War is a mass-battle fantasy wargameset in the world of Pannithor. Rank upon rank of soldiers march into bloody combat, while winged demons battle fiery dragons overhead. From launching devastating bombardments of artillery, to tactically out-flanking your opponent’s forces, Kings of War is a game of exciting, expansive fantasy battles. This starter set contains two great plastic starter armies for Kings of War –the foul Nightstalkers and the noble Northern Alliance –a book with the full game rules and complete army lists for 14 different factions, and a getting started booklet to help you with your first games.


    • 40 Hard Plastic Clansmen/PackHunters
    • 3 PVC Plastic Snow Trolls
    • PVC Plastic Ice Kin Master Hunter
    • 40 Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres
    • 3 PVC Plastic Butchers
    • PVC Plastic Horror
    • Square Bases
    • 144 page Rulebook
    • Getting Started booklet

    Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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    MSRP $99.99

    Released on Nov. 20, 2019


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