• The Peers of the Covenant of the Enlightened often perform elaborate and sometimes dangerous experiments using the most powerful technologies known to humanity. In order to ensure that they have all the assets required for such work they typically create labyrinthine and eccentric laboratories for themselves. It is not without some irony that these sprawling structures have been collectively named Promethean Complexes. Each complex is fully self-sufficient, using its own power source, fuel and other consumables, whatever they might be. More often than not, in order to contain explosions and noise as well as retaining complete anonymity and secrecy, they build on existing mineworks or new excavations to be contained largely underground, with esoteric and blunt looking iron and steel structures jutting out across the surface forming into a small estate or settlement.

    This 28mm - 40mm MDF terrain Warcradle Scenics Promethean Complex Set is ideal for all your Sci-fi, Gothic and Industrial tabletop games.

    This set contains;

    • 1x Refinery
    • 1x Derrick
    • 1x Forge
    • Walkways
    • 1x Crane Tower
    • 2x Mine Entrances

    Please note: Scenery items are manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF). Buildings are supplied primed and some assembly will be required. Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging.


    MSRP $134.98

    Released on Nov. 27, 2021


  • Wild West Exodus is a dynamic, fast-paced tabletop miniatures game pitting a cast of heroic characters against each other in a brutal world - very much a twisted reflection of our own. In the twilight years of the Nineteenth Century, mankind is perched upon a new age of discovery and enlightenment.

    The Wild West Exodus Rules & Gubbins Set contains all the tools you need to play. Just grab this box and your favourite Posse (or two) and you are ready to start clashing against your opponents in the West.

    The Wild West Exodus 3rd Edition Rules & Gubbins Set contains

    • 1x Rulebook
    • 1x Action & Adventure Card Deck
    • 1x Template Set
    • 4x Dice
    • 1x Condition Token Sets

    1 in stock

    MSRP $33.74

    Released on Nov. 27, 2021


  • Since Armstrong Custer's famous charge leading the Michigan Wolverine's at Gettysburg, the Iron Horse has become a ubiquitous machine across the frontier. Their combination of speed, firepower and durability led to a massive Union contract with the Covenant of the Enlightened during the Ore War, replacing flesh and blood horses in all cavalry regiments. Now more than a decade later, Iron Horses have become easy to obtain, with Union surplus and frontline shipments making their way onto the black market in vast numbers and the machinery itself proving to be simple to maintain with spare-parts in abundance. While older marks and models of Iron Horse prove to be a little on the temperamental side, the Iron Horse's popularity and variety of designs can be found in use across the Union and beyond.

    The Blazer was first used by the Confederate Army during the Battle at Gaine's Mill. The Iron Horse was still in limited service in those early days of the Ore War, but already its endurance and potential were obvious. Twenty-six Iron Horses were heavily modified in the field to mount additional gatling guns and armour plating to shield their riders from the huge attention of enemy fire they would receive once they began their attack. With General John Bell Hood on the lead Blazer, the Confederates tore a bloody hole in the two-mile-long Union flank and the day was carried, despite massive casualties on both sides in the 50,000 soldiers that fought that day. By the time of Gettysburg, both sides had units of Blazers fighting alongside their Iron Horse Cavalry and Blackhooves.

    Uniquely found in the Union arsenal, the Iron Eagle is seen by many as the pinnacle of technological evolution for the Iron Horse. More than the replacement of the RJ engine with a voltaic power plant, the Iron Eagle boasts additional armor and electro-weaponry. As the ultimate statement that the Iron Eagle represented the future of Union military prowess, Nikolai Tesla incorporated specially programmed UR-31E Automata to pilot these new machines, giving them a resilience unmatched in the field by other cavalry.

    This product contains:

    • 2x Iron Horses
      • Each Iron Horse can also be built as either a Blazer or a Union Iron Eagle. It contains riders for Enlightened, Union, Outlaws, Hex and Lawmen.

    Please note:

    • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $31.05

    Released on Nov. 27, 2021


  • The frontier of the Union of Federated States is a wild and often lawless place. Ideal for outlaws, renegades and zealots to prey on the locals. Now a force led by the morally bankrupt Enlightened scientist Gustave Eiffel has arrived in the town of Retribution. The mayor sends out a call for aid and is overjoyed to find that the hero of the Union, Nikolai Tesla is in the area. But as the Union forces pull into Retribution it becomes clear that this is no coincidence and all has unfolded to Eiffel's plans for vengeance. The stage is set for an epic showdown in Retribution between these two rivals.

    Get into the new edition of Wild West Exodus with Showdown at Retribution - a two-player starter set designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the savage Wild West in the Dystopian Age. Containing dozens of fantastically detailed Warcradle miniatures, the full third edition rulebook, quick start guide to help you get going straight away and much more - this hefty boxed set is an easy way to explore the game and start your hobby adventure.

    The Wild West Exodus: Showdown at Retribution 2-Player Starter Set contains;

    • 22x Highly details plastic Miniatures
      • 14x Union
        • 1x Nikolai Tesla
        • 1x Carl Fredrickson
        • 1x Union Belle
        • 2x Iron Eagle
        • 9x UR-31E Teslabot (These can be built with either Electro Batons & Shields or Electrocarbines)
      • 8x Enlightened
        • 1x Gustave Eiffel
        • 1x Smash & Grab
        • 1x Emily Nouguier
        • 2x Iron Horse
        • 3x Mono-Cav (These can also be built as Strider-Cav)
    • 1x Rules
      • 1x Quickstart Guide
      • 1x Campaign Book
      • 2x 48-Card Action Card Deck
      • 2x 60-card Adventure Card Deck
      • 1x Template Set
      • 2x Token & Counters Set
      • 8x Ten Sided Dice

    2 in stock

    MSRP $117.30

    Released on Oct. 30, 2021


  • Ichiko Kuga is a member of the Japanese spirit walkers known as the Nekomata. She acts as their leader, Komanu Rayon's adviser and close companion. A deeply spiritual fighter, Kuga has the closest connection to other Kami than her kin. After travelling to the Lost World in Antarctica, Kuga used this spiritual empathy to form a connection with one of the exotic species she encountered there. Akarui is a small, timid feline that, when imbued with the spirit of the Kami, increases in his size and ferocity. Akarui permits Kuga to ride him into battle when he has assumed this larger form and the pair make a formidable fighting team.

    The Legendary Ichiko Kuga kit contains one multi-part resin miniature

    • 1x Legendary Ichiko Kuga
    • 1x Base

    Please note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.


    MSRP $29.17

    Released on May 28, 2021

    $26.25 $24.79

  • Salvaged by the crew of HMS Nautilus from an Enlightened vessel adrift in the Mediterranean, Drum was discovered in a shipping container marked as 'Aberrant Technology' - likely to be examined and disassembled. This large Automata was apparently built for mechanised labour but Erasmus Darwin made the contraption his own personal project, tinkering for hours on end. He envisaged the machine being used by the Nautilus to operate in the deepest parts of the oceans where no human can travel safely, let alone explore or recover wreckage. After several weeks, Darwin managed to coax the temperamental machine back to full operational capacity albeit with more than a handful of glitches. His barrel-like carapace earned him the nickname of 'Drum' and it was clear that he exhibited a sense of self-awareness that Erasmus and the other engineers had never seen in any Automata before. Fascinated as to the nature of this 'personality', Captain Nimue offered the Automata the opportunity to join her crew. Surprised at being treated like a human, Drum paused momentarily before enthusiastically choosing to stay and make the Nautilus his home.

    Drum is naturally very resilient, having a 'skin' of thick brass and copper, and its strength is that of ten men. While seemingly a gentle giant where the crew of the Nautilus are concerned, he has no compunction in enthusiastically defending himself or his allies in combat. Drum can often be found stationary on the bridge of the Nautilus in an unending vigil, though if the word is given he is happy to venture off the vessel and join the crew in their adventures on land or as part of a boarding party. The Captain's favourite trick is to have Drum walk along the seabed to the far side of a ship while the ship's Chowkidar marines begin boarding actions, only for Drum to ascend on the far side of the enemy deck and cause havoc from this unexpected quarter.

    The Drum of the Nautilus kit contains one multi-part resin miniature:

    • 1x Drum of the Nautilus
    • 1x Base

    Please note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $23.33

    Released on April 24, 2021

    $20.99 $19.83

  • The Ainu people of Rishiri island have ever been an insular and reclusive people, their way of life unchanged for generations. The inhabitants of the island did not often trade with their neighbours on Hokkaido and avoided all contact with their fellow Japanese on the southern Islands despite technically being under the rule of Empress Shinzua. For generations they maintained a peaceful life in devotion to the Kami, spirits of nature that can be found in every rock, tree and animal on Rishiri.

    In ages past the Ainu were said to be part of a nation of tribes spanning the world, but such affiliation is a thing of legend and faded memory. This heritage, however, formed a solid bond between the people of the island and their environment. As they fished and hunted in the shadow of the dormant volcano, Rishiri-fuji, a small number of the Ainu demonstrated the incredible ability to merge with powerful feline kami and transform their bodies into an amalgam of man and beast. Such individuals became known as the Nekomata.

    It is believed that there are a total of twelve willing Kami that joined to make the Nekomata. Certainly there have never been more than twelve Nekomata at any one time. As a rite of passage, every Ainu man or woman must undertake the long trek to the summit of Rishiri-Fuji to endure the elements and commune with the Kami who are said to dwell in the winds of the summit. On their return, sometimes a man or woman is not as before. They are physically transformed into a Nekomata. The spirit of a Kami now dwells within them, forever bound to their soul as long as they draw breath. Some believe that only those who carry the blood of the Okhotsk people, ancient ancestors to the Ainu, can be merged in this way but such heritage is a mystery to many and is only clear after their walk with the spirits. These physical changes include accelerated hair growth, similar to animal fur, an increase in body mass, strength, stamina and agility. This makes the Nekomata formidable warriors. Once transformed the youth will assume the name of the specific Kami their personality will be altered as much as their bodies, even some memories of former incarnations of that Nekomata are carried over giving continuity and a link to the time of the Warrior Nation centuries ago.

    It was Komanu Rayon, a noble and wise warrior and defacto leader of the Nekomata, who bent the knee to the Blazing Sun to allow his companions and the other Ainu to live with a degree of autonomy within the Celestian Empire. In exchange, Shinzua and her Court can call upon the Nekomata to serve with their very specific talents. The Jade Throne has sent the Nekomata across the globe on assignments of critical importance such as their successful incursion into the Union Badlands to bring the Emissary of the Blazing Sun, Nakano Gozen to establish a dialogue with Raven Spirit and his people. Most recently, Komanu Rayon has led a small group of Nekomata to aid the Empire expeditionary force sent to the frozen southlands. In this Lost World, the Nekomata act as trackers, scouts and assassins, hunting down the enemies of the Empire.

    Ichiko Kuga is Rayon's right hand, adviser and close companion. A deeply spiritual fighter, Kuga has the closest connection to other Kami than her kin. Yurona Chitai is the huntress, lethal with bow and swift of foot. Her signature strike is a lethal shot through the left eye. Kenzai Hyo is the strongest and largest of the Nekomata, quick to anger but equally as quick to laugh. Tora Kokan is a master of stealth and revels in silently eliminating enemies from the shadows. Yama Mimi is talented in guile and misdirection, her distractions exposing vulnerabilities that she and her kin can exploit.

    The Nekomata have another reason for their travels. Rayon and Kuga are deeply concerned with the decline of their kind. No Nekomata has been reborn for more than a decade now with half of the twelve known Kami not having been seen as Nekomata since the death of their most recent incarnations. Their meeting with Raven Spirit not only opened a possible fifth column within the Union for the Empire, but it also offered hope to the Nekomata. These natives of the Americas were a distant kin to the Nekomata. Might this Great Spirit of theirs hold the key to returning the lost Kami?

    The Pride of the Nekomata Detachment kit builds six multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Komanu Rayon
    • 1x Yurona Chitai
    • 1x Kenzai Hyo
    • 1x Tora Kokan
    • 1x Yama Mimi
    • 1x Ichiko Kuga
    • 6x Base

    The Pride of the Nekomata Detachment can be used in games of both Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus.

    Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.

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    MSRP $46.67

    Released on March 27, 2021

    $42.00 $39.67

  • For those poor unfortunate souls who transform into Hex Beasts, an even more gruesome fate awaits. Known as Juiced Hex Beasts, these creatures have been studied by the Enlightened for several years now and the reason for this further mutation has yet to be fully understood. What is known is that at some point the RJ-1027 within each Hex Beast metastasises and begins to become highly unstable and volatile. The Hex Beast grows physically more aggressive and formidable until, in a final spasm of mutagenic ecstasy, the Juiced Hex Beast detonates with horrific consequences for anyone in the vicinity. It is for this reason that Hex Beasts are reviled and Juiced Hex Beasts are feared - whole settlements being abandoned if one takes up residence and will not be driven into the wilds beyond.

    The Juiced Hexbeasts set builds three multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 2x Juiced Hex Beasts
    • 1x Hexalith
    • 3x Bases


    MSRP $23.33

    Released on March 27, 2021


  • The Vreib possessed a naturally evolved chameleonic ability that helped them avoid or manipulate the many predators of their home world. When it was time for the species to join the Watchers Hegemony, this talent was seen as uniquely valuable. The Watchers spend centuries observing, trying to understand the sentient species of the galaxy. Being able to infiltrate such societies and live among them, even to think like them, to have an agent “walk a mile in another man’s Moccasins'' was now possible thanks to the genetic talents of the Vreib. During the process of hyper evolving the species into the Cerulean Clade, this extraordinary natural mimicry was taken to an extreme, combining mental and physical processes to allow a Cerulean to become a near identical facsimile of a targeted individual. Creating the appearance of clothing, equipment and even vocal sounds and surface thought patterns, a Cerulean is only limited by a mass differential greater than 46% and an inability to remove any mimicked items such as taking off their jacket or putting down a mimicked gun (as it is in reality part of their own body).

    This mimicry is not without risk to the Cerulean, chiefly of which is becoming lost in the mind of the individual they duplicate. To be someone else is liberating and can even be intoxicating. Sometimes it is too difficult to revert to their native form as in that instance everything that they mimicked, including thought patterns and emotional responses (what the humans would call a soul) is lost. All that remains are the experiences acquired while in that form. If the original target is beyond reach to reacquire the template, it is impossible for a Cerulean to return to that form again once they have cast it off. A Cerulean who refuses to revert back to their native form at the end of an assignment is a rare thing indeed, although not unheard of. What such prolonged mimicry does to a Ceruleans physical and mental state cannot be anticipated.

    Uniquely on Earth, a new problem has presented itself for the Ceruleans. Starting with their centuries held in stasis, thanks to the accident triggered by Ponce deLeon, the Ceruleans became aware on a very subliminal level of another extra-terrestrial entity in the world. Known only as the Hex, this force began to inveigle its way into the sleeping thoughts of many Ceruleans. When they emerged from their stasis, a number of the Clade exhibited symptoms of severe mental trauma and physical manifestations. The affected Cerulean’s bodies mirrored the mental anguish it felt and their form constantly rippled, mutating rapidly into different shapes and sizes like something out of a nightmare. These Cerulean Nightmares are so unpredictable in the field that usually they remain in specially constructed confinement cells, only used in times of great need. Locked in this state of torment and in constant communication with each other, it is common that a Nightmare will not return to the Watchers after the mission, instead heading into the wilderness to answer the call of the Hex. This is quietly seen as a blessing to the Earth bound Watchers as it removes the responsibility for such troubled individuals and away from the support of their Clade, few Nightmares survive longer than a season in the wild - enjoying short but spectacularly violent and bizzare lives.

    Ceruleans are a less hierarchical clade than many of the others. It is rare for them to have an Alpha, although they do exist. Instead operations are conducted by two or three Primes that act in coordination with the senior field operatives designated as Vixens to achieve the mission at hand. The majority of the Cerulean infiltration for mimicking rank and file groups is conducted by Infiltrator Myriads, smaller than the Vixens and Primes but no less intelligent or dedicated to the task at hand. On Earth in the Dystopian Age it is the Cerulean that are the most valuable to the Watchers in keeping their presence a secret from the wider world. Ceruleans infiltrate key areas of human society, authority and politics to misdirect attention and identify threats to the Watcher’s ultimate mission.

    The Cerulean Clade Posse kit builds nine multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Cerulean Prime
    • 1x Cerulean Nightmare
    • 2x Cerulean Vixens
    • 5x Cerulean Infiltrators
    • 9x Base


    MSRP $46.67

    Released on Feb. 27, 2021


  • Vladamir Ursul could have lived out the rest of his life in peace, tending his small plot of land and hunting in the forests that surround it. Destiny, however, had other plans for him. As a young man Vlad enlisted for the Commonwealth Army and found that his upbringing in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and experience as a trapper and huntsman served him well in his new role as a forward scout and picquet. Vlad left the raising of his son, Roman, to his wife while his path took him into the service of his brother-in-law, the Enlightened scientist Burson Carpathian. When Vlad was reunited with his son nearly two decades later, he fully intended to settle down and make up for lost time but Roman was a stranger to him and their lives were so radically different that Vlad struggled to find a way to fit in with the lad.

    During his formative years Roman Ursul was given the best education possible. Following the work of Burson Carpathian and the Covenant of the Enlightened, Roman grew to be a brilliant young man. He dreamed of a chance to impress Carpathian, seeing him as both mentor and father-figure, even though they had barely corresponded. Despite these efforts, however, Carpathian was a difficult man to impress and following the death of his wife Veronica he became obsessed by some “great work” that Roman was mostly excluded from. This obsession made it even more difficult for Roman to receive the attention and recognition he craved but his own work on human / machine integration became all the more advanced as a result.

    Roman’s psychopathy truly took hold at the age of 19. What began as inspiration in the form of a demon named Caym; an amalgam of man and bird, soon turned into an obsession of his own to mirror that of his uncle’s. Upon discovering Caym in his studies, Roman began to work towards creating a way for man to fly with wings of his own. His initial focus was on his own flight harness but while this gave some amount of gliding ability it was not the same as true flight. The desire to soar amid the clouds was a strong lure and Roman wanted to find a way of attaching mechanical wings to a human frame whilst still keeping the original personality of the subject. This last part was extremely difficult to achieve as most Creations, Menials and other experiments made by the Enlightened, especially Carpathian’s own work, retained very little of the person they once were. As Roman worked on this problem without respite, the alter-ego of Caym began to assert greater dominance. This process was completed just before he left London to follow Carpathian and his father to the Americas. In the process of trying to stop a serial killer’s murderous spree on the streets of Whitechapel, he began to see that only the strongest mind is capable of such depravity and in order to truly free his potential he must follow that path. Thus, in an East London backstreet, Caym was born and Roman Ursul was left behind.

    In the New World, meeting with his uncle and reuniting with his father, Caym was emboldened to take more risks in his experiments and despite the mounting human cost, he produced breakthrough after breakthrough. Taking principles of his own flight suit and refining the methods of Kyle the Black and others in the Enlightened, Caym created Hellion, a blending of man and winged machine. Gifting a flock of such constructs to his uncle caused Carpathian to take notice of what Caym was achieving. Such recognition was bittersweet as Carpathian soon lost interest once he realised that the application of this new technology would not significantly further his own work as the Hellion lacked higher brain functions, much like the other augmented meniels and henchmen the Enlightened constructed. Undeterred by this Caym continued and when a young Warrior Nation woman sought him out he had his true success.

    Whitewing was destined to be a Peyasa Spirit Walker, and belonged to the same tribe as Alcon and his daughters. Despite their assistance, each time she attempted the ritual she was rejected by the Great Spirit. Alcon claimed that she had a shadow following her and she would never walk the path of a Spirit Warrior. Fleeing her tribe in shame she heard rumour of Caym’s experiments and pleaded with him to succeed where Alcon had failed and let her fly. Caym recognised a dark side to her that mirrored the one that resided within himself, and knew that she had the conviction needed to pass through the process intact. He was right. The surgery and full integration with the RJ fuelled machinery was a success and Whitewing became his most trusted lieutenant and companion.

    Now all Caym needed was the recognition he deserved. After murdering his uncle, Caym came to appreciate that death for those of value to the Covenant was not as permanent as it might have otherwise been. Carpathian was brought back from the brink of death by Kyle the Black and Augusta Byron, cursed thereafter with psychotic killing rampages as often as genius lucidity. Now Caym is on the run from his murderous uncle and trying to keep one step ahead of those who would turn him in. Not willing to lose his son and unable to calm the raging Carpathian, Vlad has gone into exile along with Caym, in an attempt to keep his only son alive where his skills as a frontiersman, hunter and trapper are invaluable.

    Following his success with Whitewing and now free of any oversight by the Enlightened, Caym developed a new higher breed of Hellion - the Apex Hellion. While not as free thinking and perceptive as Whitewing, these winged marvels still retain much more of their will than other Constructs and their effectiveness as killers and ambush predators is without equal.

    The Murder of Hellion Posse kit builds five multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Caym
    • 1x Whitewing
    • 1x Vladimir Ursul
    • 2x Apex Hellions
    • 5x Bases

    1 in stock

    MSRP $55.60

    Released on Jan. 30, 2021


  • One of the most exciting and dynamic elements of Wild West Exodus and Lost World Exodus is the interplay between the Action and the Adventure card decks. This set contains a complete 60 card Adventure deck and a full 48 card Action deck.

    This product contains

    • 1x Action Deck
    • 1x Adventure Deck


    MSRP $14.00

    Released on Jan. 1, 2021


  • Born in 1854, Theodore Roosevelt was somewhat of a sickly child. To the young Teddy, as his parents called him, his weak constitution was something that needed to be challenged and overcome. In the aftermath of the Ore War, Roosevelt applied himself to a life of service, joining the Union military at seventeen. It was there that his exuberant personality, keen and varied interests, and robust masculinity quickly made him a favourite amongst the men and women he served alongside. Roosevelt was deployed to fight against Latin Alliance insurgents in Cuba as part of 273rd Cavalry Regiment, in a platoon known as the Rough Riders.

    Roosevelt's success with the Rough Riders saw him promoted to First Lieutenant and platoon leader under Colonel Leonard Wood. Three years later, Roosevelt was a Major when the Rough Riders were deployed to Antarctica as part of the 12th Expeditionary Force.

    After the Union was defeated at Shirase Valley by a Japanese detachment, With their horses maimed or killed in the clash, Roosevelt provided an ingenious solution. He had studied the attempts by expeditions to domesticate a native saurian species know as Trodon. He agreed they would be suitable mounts for his cavalry and put his Rough Riders to the challenge. After several months of wrangling, Roosevelt led his first detachment of Trodon cavalry to repel a small skirmishing force of Canadian Blackhoofs that were attempting to break through to the Ross Ice Shelf.

    “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” - Major Roosevelt at the Battle of Mount Erebus.

    The Theodore Roosevelt - Lost World Explorer kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

    • 1x Theodore Roosevelt - Lost World Explorer
    • 1x Base

    1 in stock

    MSRP $19.83

    Released on Jan. 1, 2021


  • The Great Spirit manifests itself in many different ways. Spirit Walkers have the ability to alter their physical form into that of a hybrid between man and animal. Some in the Warrior Nation are blessed with the ability to move and control the flow of their life energy like Shaman such as Chief Raven Spirit. Others receive abilities that are more subtle yet no less impressive. In this way, Mahpia Napa discovered she had been gifted an affinity with animals and could understand and relate to them more easily than she could other humans. The ability was greatly increased when dealing with animals who had been touched by the Great Spirit.

    When Mahpia Napa came of age, the Great Spirit sent her a hawk of tremendous size, with a wingspan greater than the length of two horses. She named the great bird Oniya and the pair were inseparable from that day forward as he bore her aloft into the clouds that inspired her name. So named Cloud Runner by the elders in her tribe, Mahpia Napa became the eyes of her people, scouting the land for signs of invaders and interlopers from the air and directing their warriors to where they would be most needed. Over time Cloud Runner began to relate to her people more easily and became a respected lesser chieftain, often found leading warbands beyond the Arizona Territory as far as Arkansas and Minnesota.

    The Legendary Cloud Runner kit builds two multi-part resin miniature;

    • 1x Legendary Cloud Runner
    • 1x Base
    • 1x Flight Stand Set


    MSRP $29.17

    Released on Sept. 26, 2020


  • The youngest of the Earp brothers, Morgan joined Virgil, Wyatt, Warren and their friend Doc Holliday in Tombstone in their attempts to bring the ruler of law to the town. Unfortunately for the brothers, this act earned them a violent assassination attempt one stormy night with Morgan shot to pieces, paralysed and bleeding out. Amidst the shattered glass and pouring rain, it was an injured Virgil who came up with a solution to save his dying younger brother.

    Morgan's older brother was always the quietest of the family, but after the attack he became profoundly sullen and brooding. The price he would pay for his brother's recovery weighed heavily upon him. Their eldest sister, Martha, had fought in the Ore War alongside Virgil for the Union. It was during that hellish conflict that Martha had introduced him to a sawbones by the name of Kyle Tanner. Virgil knew the man had fallen in with the Enlightened scientist Carpathian so he knew exactly where to find him. The price to save his brother was Virgil's loyalty and oath to work for Kyle as and when he was needed. Virgil knew that this would require him to kill, or worse, for the black-hearted man but what other choice did he have? He felt his brother's life was worth his own soul.

    The Morgan that returned, months later, was more machine than man; the juiced bullets having pulverised most of his internal organs and skeleton, these were replaced with mechanical parts. Only Morgan's head, lungs and heart remained unchanged. He was no longer capable of eating anything more than pureed, protein-rich nutrient soups but brash youth was still there, though much tempered by the experience he remained positive and was always the first to joke about the fact he was now a couple of inches shorter than he once was.

    Over the years, as Morgan adjusted to his new body and began to master its design, he made many improvements. With a technological affinity for automata, especially the K9's, he is often seen accompanied by them on dangerous missions to uphold the law. It was during one particularly arduous mission that a battered Morgan was gifted a complete overhaul by Nikolai Tesla. Emboldened by this new body, Morgan took great pleasure in pointing out that he had grown at least a foot taller than he had been.

    Tesla had also gifted the Lawman a HWK Automata to assist him with tracking down his quarry. Morgan re-named the machine from the unoriginal HWK 209 to Hawkshaw and employs it to great effect as a decoy, tracker and field repair unit.

    The Legendary Morgan Earp kit builds two multi-part resin miniature;

    • 1x Legendary Morgan Earp
    • 1x Hawkshaw
    • 2x Base
    • 1x Flight Stand


    MSRP $23.33

    Released on Aug. 29, 2020


  • Associate members of the Covenant of the Enlightened do not enjoy the respect or prestige that Covenant Peers do, but they are often the ones who do most of the leg work. In order to be officially recognised as an associate of a Peer, an individual will have to put in hours of thankless research and errand running for their sponsoring Peer. Of course like all who are drawn to the Enlightened, being in possession of a keen mind and a drive to push the boundaries of human understanding is a prerequisite. But associates often lack the opportunity or financial means to secure an actual Peerage in the Covenant.

    Girauld Eres was one such associate, a Parisian naturalist who had developed into a minor celebrity as he toured Paris society with his collection of primates. Girauld's real passion lay in animal physiology and his personal menagerie was home to some impressive specimens. Showing a talent for specimen capture, he was approached by Warick Hudson and earned a sponsorship into the Covenant as an associate following his collaboration on the spectral containment technology with Hudson and Katherine Holst.

    The night of his accident, Eres was working in his laboratory on a skin healing accelerant that went horribly wrong. When the beaker exploded, the chemicals that sprayed over him were not yet mixed correctly and began to eat away at his flesh. Fortunately Eres had been playing host the evening before to Xavier Bichat, an elderly Enlightened Peer. When Bichat was brought back to the house, it was already too late. Girauld’s skin had already been flensed from a large part of his body. Fortunately, Bichat was a keen study of the restricted galvanic arts, having reanimated a simian construct just the previous evening for Girauld’s entertainment. With a very little time remaining Xavier was forced to use that same construct to hold Eres’ brain.

    The process was rushed and Xavier’s knowledge of the techniques involved were far from extensive. As a result Eres retained very little motor function in his new body and so, staggering like a victim of a massive stroke or palsy, Eres was conveyed by sea to Countess Augusta Byron in the Union of Federated States. The journey brought him close to death and his brain would not survive the trauma of a second transplant, so Girauld had little choice but to submit to a number of surgical procedures by the Countess that allowed him to regain greater control of the body, with the exception of his left arm. That was rectified by a prosthetic that gave Girauld significantly increased strength to further augment the exceptional size of his primate body..

    Although Girauld was grateful to still be alive it would be impossible to return to Parisian society in his new form. He therefore spent some time in the Badlands of the Union, where open spaces away from others were plentiful. One advantage of having the body of a 700lb gorilla was a vastly increased strength. Girauld was a sickly child and life as an academic did nothing to increase his vitality so the change was significant. He realised that he could snap small trees, lift large rocks and even hurl a man bodily more than 30 feet through the air. He discovered that last fact when a group of American hunters mistook him for a trophy animal.

    It was while in the Badlands during the Atlas Affair that the outlaw Jim Petersen gave him the nickname of Mr Ears. So extraordinary were the circumstances of their adventure together that the name was quickly adopted in the local press and a year later when President Johnson awarded them both the inaugural Presidential Medal of Freedom, it was presented in the name of Mr Ears.

    With a new found sense of purpose, Mr Ears joined with Warwick Hudson and the rest of the ‘Soul Hunters’ on their expedition to Antarctica. Armed with the wrangling tools he developed during the Atlas Affair, Mr Ears is determined to study the reported megafauna discovered in the Lost World and create a new menagerie of wonders to show to the world.

    The Mr Ears kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

    • 1x Mr Ears
    • 1x Base


    MSRP $26.83

    Released on July 25, 2020


  • Born under the Raj in Delhi, Rani Nimue had a turbulent childhood. Her English-born father worked for the diplomatic service and moved across the country to wherever Her Majesty required him, his wife and only child dutifully following. At the height of the Indian Mutiny, Rani’s mother was killed and her father was faced with the difficult task of raising his daughter alone. Seeing to it that she was educated by a succession of governesses and tutors, her father proudly saw her grow into a beautiful and fiercely intelligent woman. Rani secretly harboured a wanderlust and restlessness that, added to the stifling restrictions of Victorian society brewed within her until she was fit to either explode or run away and leave it all behind. Eventually her love for the swaggering Outlaw Broad Arrow Jack, after a chance encounter in the Port of Bombay, twisted her father’s pride to shame when, at the age of sixteen, she ran away with the pirate and was not heard from again for nearly a decade.

    Now master of a crew of her own, the self-styled Captain Nimue has earned a substantial bounty on her head for the audacious theft from the Barrow Shipyards of a prototype RJ-powered submersible. Nimue rapidly built a notoriety for using the stolen submarine, which she had christened ‘The Nautilus’, to make lightning raids on European shipping. While this brought down the ire of the Crown and their allies, her exotic looks and penny-dreadful fuelled reputation made her popular with the press and the public.

    In the space of three years, Nimue and her crew of highly efficient Chowkidar were reported in raids as far apart as Portsmouth and Kolkata Port in India. Agents for the Crown identified a common thread in many of these raids being linked to Nimue’s apparent obsession with collecting antiquities from across the Empire. Whether this is simple fascination or part of some greater strategy is unclear though an interrogation of a former accomplice hints that Nimue believes she is a reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend. Fanciful as this might seem, in an age where there are whispers of werewolves and mechanical monstrosities coming from the former American colonies, as well as ancient alien technologies and mega-fauna in Antarctica, it cannot be discounted.

    Mythical figure or not, when repeated attempts to apprehend Captain Nimue proved futile, the Right Honourable Jonathan Peel of Her Majesty’s government brokered an alternative. Under Peel’s bargain, Nimue was gifted copies of dozens of historical documents from the archives and granted access to restricted sites of special interest across the Empire. In exchange for this consideration, as well as a generous charter, the fierce Pirate-Queen agreed to put her considerable skills in service to the Empire by targeting the enemies of the Crown and aiding the East Indian Trading Company in supporting British interests in the West.

    Whether stealthily operating submerged in the Gulf of Mexico or audaciously sailing on the surface up and down the Mississippi, the newly dubbed HMS Nautilus was a constant thorn in the sides of both the Union and Outlaws operating in the area. Leading her rough but highly disciplined crew ashore in raiding parties she operated as a privateer on behalf of the British Empire, though has no real love for the Crown or the English.

    Highly skilled with the blade and trident she is a formidable adversary on land or at sea, especially as her harpoon gun is never far from her side. Nimue’s love of fame and fortune is only tempered by her sense of loyalty to her crew. Beautiful, but deadly, Nimue and the Nautilus are a force of nature, and now with new orders their wheel has turned them South towards Antarctica and the Lost World...

    The crew has changed many times over the years, some decide to take their share of the wealth and settle down, some fall in battle and are given up to the depths and fresh new recruits come aboard whenever the need arises. Some faces have remained the same, however, such as the solid and dependable Violet Smee who, as Nimue’s first officer, commands the Chowkidar with ruthless efficiency. Sardar Hardit Singh, The Nautilus’ Boatswain is very protective of his Captain and is never far from her side in a fight. Erasmus Darwin is the resident engineering specialist and while he rarely speaks of his colourful past his knowledge of Enlightened Technology is clear to see in the power-chair he uses to move around in. Charlotte Anning is the ship's navigator and archivist, never short of the answer to any questions, given enough time to research it in the vessel's surprisingly extensive library. Neko Mei’s role is a little harder to quantify but she has a number of skills including infiltration, stealth and close combat, this would then make her the Nautilus’ ‘acquisitions' specialist.

    The Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment builds six multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Rani Nimue
    • 1x Sarder Hardit Singh
    • 1x Charlotte Anning
    • 1x Neko Mei
    • 1x Violet Smee
    • 1x Erasmus Darwin
    • 6x Bases

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    MSRP $40.83

    Released on June 27, 2020

    $36.75 $34.71

  • A career in the military was always expected of Jadzia. As the daughter of a military family, from a very early age, she was encouraged to follow the path of her great, great, grandfather; the legendary Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Jadzia joined the Polish Army, first as a courier and eventually joining the ranks of the Hussars. Demonstrating quick wits and a sharp mind, she was quickly singled out for solo reconnaissance missions. Mounted on her trusty treadbike and wielding a cryo-lance, Jadzia is able to destroy armoured targets with impunity, striking out boldly and then withdrawing beyond the reach of any reprisal. This distinguished role has allowed Jadzia to travel extensively in service to the Commonwealth and she has been found of battlefields as far-flung as the Union badlands and the wilds of Antarctica.

    The Jadzia Kosciuszko kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

    • 1x Jadzia Kosciuszko - Winged Hussar Captain
    • 1x Base

    2 in stock

    MSRP $19.83

    Released on April 25, 2020


  • The Covenant of the Enlightened is possibly the most exclusive club in the world. Bright young thinkers and scientists clamour for an introduction into its ranks and yet an incredibly small number make the grade. A brilliant mind is not the only prerequisite for entry. The Charter of the Covenant is quite clear on this point. A certain level of upbringing and financial backing are also qualities that are demanded from any potential candidates. They are, after all, looking to make the world a better place and bring the teeming masses into the brave new future of science.

    The Charter of the Covenant of the Enlightened permits another method by which a keen mind might gain access to membership of that intelligentsia. Personal recommendation of a fellow Peer. Through this, Burson Carpathian has granted himself carte blanche on who he elevates to the ranks of the Covenant. In this manner, he has surrounded himself with an eclectic group of sociopathic geniuses who swear fealty to him.

    Kyle Tanner, known as Kyle the Black because of the colour of his soul, is one of these individuals. The man's drive to further his own knowledge and abilities are tempered only by the occasional chiding from his patron, Carpathian. With no conscience or inhibitions, Kyle's experiments are run using the quantity over quality principle. The name of his Promethean Complex; The Abattoir, is a direct reflection on his habits and to see his impressively rotund frame is to know that he is a man of insatiable appetites.

    As a young man, Tanner served in the 24th Infantry Division under Colonel MacArthur and had used that position to further his experiments in augmenting the human form. What should have been a way to give wounded veterans a second lease of life was corrupted into a way to 'improve' the soldiers so that they could fight longer, harder and more efficiently. This culminated into weapons and armour directly grafted into the screaming meat that passed through his battlefield hospitals. Wishing greater control over his constructed henchmen and menials, Kyle began to perform lobotomies to remove a good deal of idle thought and free will in his subjects. When this work was uncovered MacArthur attempted to have Tanner court marshalled. The disgraced Union medic fled after compelling his latest experiments to attack the camp and cover his escape. It was in a wretched state; battered, disgraced and hungry that Tanner fell into the employ of Carpathian.

    Kyle is now at liberty to continue refining his talents for creating constructs, mostly from seriously maimed or injured people, but sometimes from fit and healthy individuals down on their luck or heavily in debt. Kyle's experiments are not limited to others either, he has grafted a pair of additional servo arms to his torso, equipped with claws and saws, that allows him to work even while feeding his capacious appetite. Naturally, these additional appendages assist him in combat should he ever be unable to avoid it, making Kyle the Black a formidable adversary in melee.

    Virgil Earp is respected as a Lawman, respect earned by his own merits as well as his family connections. His alliance with Kyle the Black became necessary when Virgil and his younger brother Morgan were gunned down in Tombstone. Without the assistance of Kyle the Black, Morgan would have surely died and Virgil would have lingered the rest of his life as a cripple. But a bargain was struck with Kyle and the egomaniacal Carpathian. In this pact, Virgil paid for his brother's life with his own. Virgil became beholden to Kyle and Carpathian, forced to intercede on behalf of the Enlightened in the Arizona Territory and smooth over any disputes they might cause. This service is direct at times, especially when Vigil has found himself employed as little more than a bodyguard for one of the Covenant in times of need.

    Kyle the Black rarely needs to venture out of his facilities, except to see Doctor Carpathian or when searching for materials for his research. On such occasions, he is accompanied by a large retinue of constructs to provide protection and carry out his every whim. Anyone who wants to take a shot at Kyle will need to get past this fleshy tide of meat shields, or become part of it. It is common after a bandit ambush for Kyle and his band of constructs to return to the Abbatoir in greater numbers than when they left.

    The Meat Grinder Posse kit builds seventeen multi-part resin and Plastic miniatures;

    • 1x Kyle the Black
    • 1x Virgil Earp
    • 10x Constructed Menials
    • 5x Constructed Henchmen
    • 17x Bases


    MSRP $40.83

    Released on April 25, 2020


  • Doing time in Jail is an occupational hazard when you’re a bounty hunter in the Arizona Territories. For Lilith Hart, not having spent even a minute of her life behind bars was a boast she made on a regular basis. “‘Aint ‘til those Earp boys sprout wings they got a chance ‘a catchin’ me”, was a favourite of hers. Those individuals who bring in criminals for bounty often flirt with legality and Lilith Hart and her Posse are no exception. That was, of course, until she found herself out in Warrior Nation land in North Arizona, out of ammo, out of juice and out of luck. Quilt of Stars and her pack of wolves sniffed out the bounty hunter and dragged Hart kicking and screaming back to Marshal Reeves and Sheriff Bullock.

    Sitting in her cell Hart spent a good deal of time pondering some of her recent life choices and came to the conclusion that going after John Moseby, “The Grey Ghost” was a job beyond even her abilities. They had grossly underestimated Moseby and his gang of freaks and wished she had someone on her team with more than one set of arms. That’s just where the trouble began though as it turned out Jack “Turkey Creek” Johnson was a friend of the Earps and all hell broke lose the following day. With the Tombstone boys hot on their heels Hart and Co. soon had to scatter to the four winds in order to try and avoid capture.

    As it tuned out “those Earp boys” didn’t need to sprout wings, they just needed a handful of deputies in gyrocopters to chase Lilith down and force her to crash land out in the wilderness. It took less than a week for her Posse to find her and break her out of jail. Now the hornet’s nest has well and truly been kicked and deputies from across the Territories have been called up to hunt for the gang.

    Forced into hiding in the little town of Rio Sonora, New Mexico, Lilith Hart and her band of wanted men lie in wait for the lawmen and other bounty hunters who are no doubt hot on their tail. Broad Arrow Jack might be the most notorious member of the Posse. His association with so many outlaws and his unrelenting disregard for the law has ensured his reputation precedes him. They say Jack has a wife in every state and that is reason enough to ensure he never stays in the same place for long. Thomas Tate Tobin, however, is a fellow with an unknown past. Many say that isn’t his real name, and while this is unremarkable for an outlaw, those who discover his real name and his history often pass it off as being merely a flight of fancy. The truth is the Tobin was once a member of Ponce de Leon’s band and was born over 300 years ago.

    Another mysterious member of Lilith’s Posse is Long Tree. Although he is a medical practitioner with dubious credentials, he has saved the life of many an outlaw in his time and serves Lilith well in this capacity. Few have seen the face behind his mask and even fewer have survived to tell the tale. James McClain, while he has been used to operating alone, has come to realise that no man is an island, especially when you can’t decide where your loyalties lie and has therefore thrown his lot in with Lilith. McClain is happy to use his position as Marshal to get him out of some tight spots should he need to.

    Some men say that Jim Peterson cannot die. No matter how much lead you pump into him he just gets back up. Money can’t buy that kind of reputation and Jim is more than happy to shovel fuel on that fire. Peterson is lethal with a blade and prefers to get up close and personal in a fight. Yann Packer, known to some as “The Wraith”, due to his talent for simply disappearing if the things get too hot, is a ruthless killer and Hart is happy to unleash him on her enemies. He revels in destruction and enjoys punishing his foes with a hail of shells from his repeating shotgun.

    The Dead or Alive Posse contains 7 multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Lilith Hart
    • 1x Yann "The Wraith" Packer
    • 1x Longtree
    • 1x Thomas Tate Tobin
    • 1x Jim Petersen
    • 1x Broad Arrow Jack
    • 1x James "The Masked Marshal" McClain
    • 7x Bases

    1 in stock

    MSRP $40.83

    Released on Feb. 29, 2020


  • The power of the Hex can be a subtle influence on those who only occasionally draw on its energies. To those like Marie Laveau and her coterie who fully embrace the entity, they wield awesome power. Across the bayous of Louisianna, the self-proclaimed queen of the Nazombu, Marie Laveau is supreme. She holds sway over hundreds of families, not as a dictator but as a mother, sister and friend. This has been the way for generations, ever since a strange egg was found deep in the swamps. The hatchling grew to be the creature known as Marie Laveau, although no actual woman of that name has ever existed. The form she wears is but a glamour, a product of her 'Magick' that allows her to interact with outsiders without them running in abject terror from her monstrous true nature.

    The women of Cleo's family have been Marie's companions for many generations. It was Cleo's grandmother who first found the egg that would hatch into such a blessing for the bayou. Through the family, Laveau learned of the rites and traditions of the Nazombu and Vodun. These trappings have been used by Laveau to mask her real power and shroud her legend in mystery. Cleo and her granddaughter, Zora have embraced the Hex to become embued with powers far beyond those of simple herbalism and witchcraft. Zora has developed a reputation as an oracle of some renown in South Louisianna. She guides and advises Marie in the happenings of the cultured lands beyond the swamps.

    Jaques Santiago was never a good man, let alone a good husband. He drank too much, gambled too much and played the fool too much. But in those early days of courtship, Jaques was Marie Laveau's ticket to the civilised world, something that she had initially struggled to gain leverage over. As her power base expanded and her influence reached further into the parlours of the wealthy, Marie's need for Santiago diminished and his dalliances became less hurtful and more of an inconvenience to her. When his philandering and gambling finally caught up with him, Laveau ensured his body was consumed by the Hex and, forever bound to her service. Over the years some additional modifications have been necessary to ensure that, retaining a few shreds of his memories and mental faculties, Jaques has proven to be a far more loyal and dependable husband to Marie Laveau than he ever was in his first life.

    The man known as Cemetary Kriminal is a capricious character often turning up at the worst possible moment to sow chaos and discord, revelling in the madness he leaves in his wake. They say Cemetary Kriminal cannot truly die, rising once more on the dawn of the following Saturday to seek revenge on those that dared cross him. It is Cemetary Kriminal who is feared as the master of the dead, as well as the giver of life. He can cure any mortal of any disease or wound if he thinks it is worthwhile. His powers are especially great when it comes to Nazombu curses and black magic. Even if somebody is on the verge of death, it is said that they will not die if Cemetary Kriminal refuses to dig their grave. So long as this mighty spirit keeps them out of the ground, the people of the bayou know that they are safe. He claims fealty to none, save a passing respect for Marie Laveau. Even she makes use of his eclectic services through complex bargains and rituals.

    The Court of the Nazombu Posse kit builds five multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Marie Laveau
    • 1x Cemetary Kriminal
    • 1x Cleo - Nazombu Crone
    • 1x Zora - Nazombu Oracle
    • 1x Jaques Santiagio
    • 1x Hexalith
    • 6x Base


    MSRP $40.83

    Released on Jan. 25, 2020


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