Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We will collect information we need in order to complete orders. Order information may be shared with a partner or vendor in order to properly complete your order. Wishlisted items or cart items may be shared with a partner in order to inform stocking decisions. Purchase history information may be stored for your convenience and for access to digital orders. We will NEVER sell personal information for profit, and we will never sell any of the above information to 3rd parties for advertisement. Information may be used on-platform for recommendations.

We reserve the right to share identifying information with payment processors, subscription and/or marketplace services, and other artists for the purpose of informing them that our terms and conditions have been violated.

Contact us to delete your user account, and your account information will be deleted. Certain information may be stored with partners, such as shipping history or payment processing information, and at request we will make a best effort to delete this information. We also reserve the right to retain any information related to the identity of or download history of users in order to detect breaches of our terms of service.