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Hello there! We are three artists who have decided to team up and bring you some really interesting and unique models to use in any wargaming system you could possibly think of! Welcome to Dark Foundry Miniatures! Who are we and what do we do? So what do you get when you sign up and become a member of Dark Foundry? What themes can you expect to see on a monthly basis from the three of us? Each of us is working on a different line centered around a specific trope or theme and we will be focusing entirely on that line until we run through all of the content that that line covers. The first line is based on maritime sailors, the cthulu myhtos, pirates, and the things that lurk in the deep sea. Indignentshrew's Tide Haunters are a army of genetically enhanced super soldiers whose imprisonment beneath the sea has corroded their once proud armor and mutated their bodies into horrible amalgamations of man and deep sea life. Alongside them strides horrible creatures from the deep which have been enslaved and turned into weapons of war. Now they rise from the their slumber to wreck havoc on the land walkers who imprisoned them for millennia beneath the waves. The second line answers the question "what do you get when you combine Terminator with Bugs Life". DarkJeyzz has been cooking up some truly terrifying insectoid robots that can scuttle, buzz and most importantly, vaporize their enemies with impressive firepower. No one is sure what has triggered the mysterious Teknops empire to reactivate, but like a colony of disturbed ants they have already begun to swarm across the battlefield, destroying everything in their wake. The third line stands as the ray of hope against the tide of evil which threatens humanity. Drawing on the appearance Ancient Greek Hoplites and the now famous Spartan army, and orginally started by DannyCyanide, Cryminsake's Sons of Spartania serve as the last line of defense of humanity. The Sons of Spartania, the arch-nemesis and jailors of the Tide Haunters, are a group noble, fierce and courageous super soldiers that adhere to a strict warrior code written by their King and propagator, King Leanidatus. This adherence makes them extraordinarily effective in combat and this coupled with their steadfastness in the face of overwhelming odds makes them one of the greatest fighting forces in the galaxy. So that's what we've got cooking for all of you! Each month you'll have the oppertunity to print noble Spartan warriors, horrifying ocean infested soldiers, and terrifying insectoid machines all with which to do battle on a tabletop game of your choosing! When you sign up with us, you'll have access to all of that months models in addition to the welcome pack! At the end of that month, the models get moved to a digital store and will be replaced by a new set.

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