Retail Partners

Our retail partners gain access to our catalog of products, the CG&T marketplace, inventory management features, and optionally, a custom-branded website. To become a retail partner, please email us.

Digital Partners

Our digital partners get access to the CG&T marketplace, Patreon and Kickstarter Integration, and anti-piracy features to protect their work. Optionally, a custom-branded website can be made with only the partner's products and a shared library across both websites. Partners must abide by the Terms and Conditions for Partnership.
Our Patreon system works by importing pledges from the Patreon API and automatically granting content to eligible Patrons based on configured release packs created by the digital partner on the CG&T platform. This pledge information can also be used to automatically grant patron discounts in the CG&T store. Our Patreon integration fees are $0.10 USD per patron per release.
Digital Partners can upload their products to the CG&T store and configure a variety of settings, including separate dates for granting access to patrons and for listing items for sale. For store sales we charge 4%, and an additional 3% + 50c to cover credit card fees.
To inquire about becoming a digital partner, please email us.